Best and Worst Developer Acquisitions in Gaming History

Capital game lists some of the industry's best and worst, including purchases made by Microsoft, EA and Sony.

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SOAD3021d ago (Edited 3021d ago )

Ensemble was not a bad acquisition. No acquisition has to be a bad acquisition. You take a studio of talented developers or at the very least competent developers, and you give them some funding and some time, and let their creative energy ferment a little and see what they can come up with.

I have a belief that most of these developers, whether you consider them good or bad, at least know how to make a game, so all that needs to be done is they need to be disciplined.

Case in point, Guerrilla Games. GG doesn't have a very good track record if you go far enough into their history. They used to be called "Lost Boys," and they made games for Gameboy, PS2, and Xbox. And their games were pretty bad, very bad, actually.

But Sony gave them funding and let them work on a grand, exclusive game, and they came up with Killzone, which was a pretty good shooter from a developer who was known for Shellshock: Nam 67, one of the crappiest shooters ever.

And now, GG has spearheaded the Killzone franchise into greateness.

Where there's talent, there's potential.

I don't think that RARE is a bad studio. I think that some good guys left the studio and people lost confidence in RARE, but worst of all, Microsoft chooses not to utilize RARE for anything special. MS orders RARE to make Avatars and Avatar accessories and now Kinect games.

I think if Microsoft gave RARE a bigger budget and more time, RARE could come up with a very great game.

Also, Ensemble made Age of Empires, so they were not a bad acquisition by Microsoft and therefore should not be in the honorable mention for worst acquisition.

Microsoft doesn't utilize its studios well.

BakedGoods3021d ago

Yeah, Halo Wars was pretty good, but I think the fact the MS took Ensemble a developer who always had a proven track record, and basically threw Halo at them then disbanded them right after they were done, it's kinda like 'use and abuse'. If Ensemble stayed independent they could have completed Halo Wars then maybe ventured out with a new RTS IP. Who knows?

Conloles3015d ago

I dislike that many still bash Rare, I had a lot of fun with BK:N&B and the Viva Pinata series.

Honest_gamer3015d ago

i loved halo wars it was a really good RTS (for consuls never held a candle to Dawn of war thought IMO)

AssassinHD3015d ago (Edited 3015d ago )

That is a lucid, intelligent, and well thought out comment. Bubbles for you and the first person who figures out the reference I am making with this response. No googling.

AssassinHD3015d ago (Edited 3015d ago )

Double post.

Spenok3014d ago

Ensemble was a TERRIBLE acqusition. As soon as they finished Halo Wars they were disolved as a studio. To which they promptly said F-U to Microsoft and made there own studio.

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safetyUnit3021d ago (Edited 3021d ago )

didnt know about some of these. Like the GTA guys originally doing lemmings? thats so old school!

The-Tentacle3021d ago

Seems like everything Microsoft touches turns to shit.

MRJENKINS3021d ago

really? i heard fanboys have the same effect on everything..

kasasensei3015d ago (Edited 3015d ago )

Well said buddy, bubble for you.

The-Tentacle3021d ago (Edited 3021d ago )

Zune, Kin, HD-DVD, numerous development studios, windows vista, windows phone 7, Encarta, Ms dewey, Bing (probably), DOS 4.0, IE 5, bob, active x, clippy, winME

and just because a lot of people have been dumb enough to buy (and re-buy and re-buy...) their broken xbox even though it has numerous hardware faults and general bad design choices it's deemed successful?

add it to the list I say.

Awesome_Face3015d ago

Your just an ignorant fanboy who is missing out on a multitude of great appliances due to blind hate

darkmurder3015d ago

Wow so you bash HD-DVD which wasnt even Microsofts own property, they just chose to back it. Vista wasn't even bad it was blown over by media hype, Encarta used to be the most used in the world till Wiki came. How you can say that Bing (probably) when its consistently gaining market share has failed bemuses me. Windows phone 7 hasn't even launched lol.

Then there's Zune which whilst it hasnt been commercially successful is a kick ass media player which is better than the iPhone in all things bar apps.

You're just a deluded sad little fanboy but of course Sony has never released a bad product cough Betamax cough. I could make a list too but unlike you I don't take a gripe on companies just because they're from a rival platform of a gaming console.

mrv3213015d ago

Vista wasn't that BAD? Sure it didn't make me sick, but man it was inefficent, problematic and unless you reinstalled every 3 months you'd notice such a performance drop.

I made a switch to Ubuntu because Vista was THAT bad.

Trust me Bing will fail because at the end of the day the internet is google.

Betamax which provided advanced quality was still used in television into this century BTW.

SilverSlug3015d ago

didn't make the list? Football Manager and Total War franchise are some of the biggest selling games in Europe.

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