E4G: Halo: Reach Impressions and Predictions

E4G: In the aftermath of E3 and after the dust has settled on the Halo: Reach Beta (in which over 2.7 million player participated in) it’s time to begin my personal impressions and predictions for next title in the Halo series Halo: Reach this game is without a doubt one of the most anticipated titles for the Xbox 360 in 2010, as well as my most anticipated game of 2010, and Microsoft didn't wait long into its E3 press conference this year to unveil some more details about the game. Don’t know what reach is? I’ll catch you up.

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matrix2243071d ago

Can't wait to play the campaign, a good end to the halo series!

GameOn3071d ago

It's actually the beginning eh.

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Spenok3071d ago

Do you mean a good end to the "Bungie" Halo series? Because you know Microsoft is going to continue making them with 343 Industries right?

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SOAD3071d ago

You guys are going to be impressed by the Big Team Battle maps in Reach.

In a recent Red Vs. Blue episode, it was hinted that some of the maps will be very, very large. Like 4 times the size of avalanche and very detailed.

Unicron3071d ago

For some reason, that post made me realize how much I miss UT2004 and good vehicle combat in FPS titles...

SixZeroFour3071d ago

yea, blood gulch was HUGE! in that bungie day episode...i think its being tied into the campaign, and most likely bringing back more of the halo ce (maybe even some from 2 and 3) maps and adding a backstory to them as well

matrix2243071d ago

The beta was so much fun!

BeaArthur3071d ago

Beta was awesome. Way better than 3 for me. Can't wait until September 14.

mmoracerules3071d ago

When I finally got on to the beta, I enjoyed it.

matrix2243071d ago

I think we all did but to be honest...already pre-ordered the game before hand ;)

GameOn3071d ago

Me, Def getting it tho.

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Dread3071d ago

this will be epic.

Halo for life!!!!!!

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