Best Xbox 360 RPG: Lost Odyssey

These days, Japanese RPGs aren’t what they used to be. Under scrutiny from Western critics, companies, and an overall shift to more Western-style design, they have become something of a rarity. Japanese execs like Square Enix’s Yōichi Wada have shifted focus to more ‘globalized’ games, turning staples of the genre like Final Fantasy into shells of their former self. This is the climate in which Mistwalker created Lost Odyssey, an almost brazenly traditional game that harkens back to the JRPGs back in the day.

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knightdarkbox3115d ago (Edited 3115d ago )

Well I bought Lost Odyssey a few days ago, have been playing for 15 hours and I must say must be one of the best RPGs I've played for this generation and perhaps in a long time.

Graphic,music is amazing ( Nobuo uematsu FTW) ,and the story is way more mature than others j-rpgs,the only thing I didnt like about LO is the slutty and weird cloths.. lol

nupes983115d ago

I loved that game. It is one of my favorite games this generation. I agree with you about the women's clothes, but I have that complain about most games.

morventhus3114d ago

exactly what i was thinking.... the game was amazing... in fact the only thing i really heard bad about it was the disc swapping... which isnt a big deal.... to me anyways.... an amazing game truly one of the best this generation.... I WISH FOR A SEQUEL!!!

safetyUnit3114d ago

yeah what a good game. finally a jrpg without the j, lol

Perjoss3114d ago

hehe, regarding the disc swapping, considering a normal playthrough is 80 hours you swap discs once every 20 hours. if you play 8 games that are 10 hours long each (normal for your average single player story) thats twice the amount of disc swapping :)

kingdavid3114d ago (Edited 3114d ago )

Amazing game. That ending, so sad.

rakunado3114d ago

The game was downright SAD... emotional wise.

At first I didn't actually like the text heavy optional story sequences. But in the end I found those parts to be the best part of the game. It really brings out the downside to being an immortal. God they were SAD!

R2D23114d ago

I got to the train level and could not beat the boss - I tried every tatic that I could throw at him but could never beat him, I think I sould haved leveled up some more.

lelo2play3114d ago (Edited 3114d ago )

Yep... best JRPG this generation. I'm generally not into JRPG and don't play many of them, but this is a very good game.

Cheeseknight283114d ago

It's the absolute best traditional JRPG of this generation, bar none. But Tales of Vesperia and Demon's Souls give it a fair run for it's money on best overall JRPG.

PlainOldGamer3114d ago

When it comes to RPG's i like both Japan and Western ones. Japan ones are fun with all there silly characters (Cat/angel/android) though they do tend to mimic each other a bit to much. While lately Western RPG's are doing really good, most of them tend to have a good/evil choice system which is fun and a clever way to increase re-playability (Beating game with good then bad character).

It's just I can't just pick one. I like JRPG's because of the way they feel, that feeling that your playing a game that is appealing to a different culture from our own. And I also love playing WRPG's like Fable/Mass Effect/Fallout/Oblivion. I really do hate to say I have not even played Lost Odyssey yet, I just didn't really know anything about it. Seeing as it has gotten a little cheaper since release I think I'll try it out. I always enjoy a good RPG :)

CrzyFooL3114d ago

Lost Odyssey was an amazing JRPG and it was the REAL Final Fantasy 13. Everything Square has made since Sakaguchi left has been shit. I can't wait for The Last Story.

Game-ur3114d ago

It’s the true spiritual sequel to FF, you can find that in the magic, the battle style, the accessories, the camera viewpoints, secret bosses, side quests, power leveling spots, airships, and let's not forget moggeles.

Loved the clothes myself, wish Microsoft committed and made this a franchise

Kahvipannu3114d ago (Edited 3114d ago )

Agreed. It was like FF, but on new generation. Haven't played FF XIII yet, but it has to be awesome to beat LO for me. The story was excellent, sad, and emotional, specially the ending. *SPOILER* Jansen and Mings romance was really well delivered,*SPOILER ENDS* which was surprising. Voice acting was actually really good for JRPG, and musics was awesome. Only characters I found a bit annoying, was Mack and (what was that other kids name..).

About the disc swapping, when I had to put new dvd in, I always felt a bit sad, since I knew I was closing the end :(

But best RPG on X0? It's definitely best JRPG I have played, that's for sure.

Sarcasm3114d ago

If you can go past the Novel reading part and the ugly graphics, it's a good game.

Rocket Sauce3114d ago (Edited 3114d ago )

Jansen is legend. The dude who voiced him made this entire game.

I lost it when he stopped in the middle of a fight to make fun of the villain's massive eyebrows.

BubblesDAVERAGE3114d ago

IT is up there among the top this gen .....but overall it dosent stand close to some ps1/ps2 and snes rpgs

GrilledCheeseBook3114d ago

100% agree
my favorite jrpg this gen

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masterofpwnage3115d ago (Edited 3115d ago )

true for the 360.
idk about the ps3.

but to tell you the truth i never finished the game and i regret that alot, because my 360 died and now i have to wait to purchase a new one.

i remember trying to get everyones secret weapons first. then i just stopped

Jack-Pyro3114d ago

I borrowed if from a friend and he asked for it back like a week later, I only got maybe %10 into the story, but I didn't care for it so I just gave it back...

I didn't think much of it, but after hearing all the high marks this game has gotten I might pick it up used and give it another go...Can anybody tell me if the story picks up after the first 5 hours or so, because before then it seemed kinda slow.

I'm gonna disagree with everybody here and give best JRPG on the PS3 to Valkyria Chronicles, that game just go so much right it wasn't even funny.

-MD-3115d ago

Its a really great game. I actually didn't even get to finish it I had to return it while I was on the 4th disc.

I'd give best RPG to Tales of Vesperia personally.

ranmafandude3115d ago

i'd buy it. i have a xbox 360 but i perfer jrpgs on ps3.

masterofpwnage3115d ago

then you are missing out my friend

aviator1893114d ago

What's the difference? The controls?
If you want to play it, just go ahead and get it for the 360.

Strikepackage Bravo3114d ago

you've been programmed like most around here.

kingdavid3114d ago

People like this arent gamers.

morventhus3114d ago

i aprove of this message bubbles!

Folezicle3114d ago

Agree mate, people get so upset over exclusives, I sometimes wish they weren't true so people wouldn't wine about them..

PlainOldGamer3114d ago

This made absolutely 0 sense. This was the FAIL POST of the day for me lol

PlainOldGamer3114d ago


I wasn't talking about the article I was talking about the post from ranmafandude lol

XactGamer3114d ago (Edited 3114d ago )

If you were a real JRPG fan you would just play the game no matter what. You said you own a 360 so you have no real reason not to play it. You do actually really for sure positively own a 360 don't you?

Kahvipannu3114d ago

I bet you can get it for less than 15€ these days, and it have 70+ hours of gameplay, so it's well worth it. I suggest trying it.

Spenok3114d ago

I would prefer it to be on PS3 as well, seeing as how it most likely would have sold better (seeing as how EVERY rpg on both consoles has sold better on PS3) but dude, your missing out on one of the best RPG's to date.

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Valay3114d ago

Lost Odyssey is a great game. And Mistwalker has another RPG coming up, The Last Story.

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