Shinji Hashimoto On Collaborating With Hideo Kojima And Twitter Addiction

“I meet with Kojima-san on a relatively regular basis. Nomura-san and I meet with Kojima-san regularly to chat the future of the gaming industry and share ideas. Within that discussion, I asked Kojima-san if Square Enix would be able to make the Metal Gear Solid [:Peace Walker] figurines." - Shinji Hashimoto (Front Mission Evolved producer).

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Nitrowolf23203d ago (Edited 3203d ago )

whoa Nomura and kojima
How Epic would it be if they made a game together

Skyreno3203d ago

oh god make one awesome game with nomura and kojima making it :) i be SOOOOOOOOOOOO HAPPPPPPPPYYYY!!

George Sears3203d ago

"There is a little surprise, it’s small, but it’s coming.”

People will either not read this or just be completely oblivious of its ':Existense.'


Nitrowolf23203d ago

i read that, thats why i didn't say Hashimoto in my comment (he is the toy make and works at SE)

conjurdevil3202d ago

big boss in final fantasy versus XIII wohoooo j/k

Godmars2903203d ago

Why do I get the feeling that it was more about MS position in the industry, a 360-only game, rather than the industry itself?

MajestieBeast3202d ago

Could be them talking about leaving and starting their own studio with scej but hey thats a dream but we would get highest quality games.

3202d ago