'I Am Not A Girl Gamer'

A look into dispelling the myth that is the 'girl gamer'.

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Quagmire3202d ago

now get back into the fucking kitchen and make me a sammich.

lawl. jokes.

contradictory article, she says she's not a girl gamer and she writes up an article justifying why she isnt, even though she is a girl, and plays games. Attention seeking, much?

Call me a guy gamer or whatever, i dont really care, i play games, i dont need a label.

JaeKuro3202d ago

As a female, I hate when females do this. It doesn't matter what you're called, why do you care so much? I get what you are trying to prove here but writing this article contradicts it all. Like Quagmire said, just play and leave the labels out of it.

jack who3202d ago

i could go for a sammmiiich right bout now

George Sears3202d ago (Edited 3202d ago )

This way of thought between gamers will not change because the majority of gamers are predominately male. Another thing is that it is usually little kids and teens reaching those awkward "I don't know how to act towards a girl because I'm dumb like that" stage.

As for me, I'd say to just stop bitching about it and just game. If you bitch too much, then it sort of makes me think you just want attention.

WeAreArcade3202d ago

Some interesting comments - for those who feel it is a contradictory article, please read the last paragraph 'homo-sapians evolved' for further insight.