10 old school classics that are better than anything you'll play today

EX: 'Old games hold a special, warm and fuzzy place in the hearts of most gamers old enough to remember them. While most of them haven't aged particularly well, there are a number of classics, however, that transcend time. They're still better investments of both time and money than most of today's video games

Here are ten such titles that are at least a decade old (or close to it) and still represent the best in their respective genres."

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tehk1w13072d ago

I don't know about Metal Gear Solid. Was never a huge fan of Kojima's stuff. He'd be better off making movies that you watch rather than games you play.

killyourfm3072d ago

I feel like the original MGS, while groundbreaking, hasn't really stood the test of time.

Leupac3072d ago

Earthbound and Deus Ex for sure, dunno about some of the others though.

Queasy3072d ago

Star Wars: TIE Fighter is still the definitive space combat game IMHO. Nothing has equaled it since.

MxShade3072d ago

Interesting list. Nothing I have to disagree with, really, although I could probably name off lots more that deserve some attention.

killyourfm3072d ago

This is so much better than most of the lazy top 10's i see. Freaking meaty writeup.

Queasy3072d ago

It's so much easier to do the Top 10 boobs stories though.

killyourfm3072d ago

I can't BELIEVE Counter Strike is 11 years old already!

Queasy3072d ago

I know, it seems like only yesterday we were arguing about the changes from one version to the next.

Oh wait...we still are!