E3 Reactions – Kane And Lynch 116,000 Players Killed in Heists


"One game we spotted at E3 was IO Interactive’s Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days, and the line up for those wanting to get some hands on with this was an interesting sight...

If specs are anything to go by with regards to the numbers who played a recent limited play-off online, then this game could well supply a decent challenge for the top multiplayer title on the Xbox 360 when it is released."

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gaminoz3021d ago

The first game certainly didn't interest me...will this be any better? Sounds like they've tweaked the multi anyway.

BadCircuit3021d ago (Edited 3021d ago )

If it is very violent, even if the Aussie board passes it I won't get to play it as I'm underage :(

That's okay...don't like online multi much anyway and from the article it looks like that was the focus.

DoctorQ3021d ago

It looks like it should be a good game, maybe i'll pick this one up when i have the cash spare

Godem3021d ago

sounds interesting but it needs to be extremely good considering the last one was quite average... oh and also, I'd like to see Hitman 5 sometime soon..

gaminoz3021d ago

Ahh Hitman. Much more interesting than two psychos...

The Dark Knight3021d ago

Look even if this is a good game. Thats great, But i want HITMAN!!!!! the last game wasnt even really made next gen wise, it was a port of the xbox/ps2 version..i think and that was still awesome. Imagine all the different types of executions you could do with the next gen hardware!

Hitman please, now.

xX TriiCKy Xx3021d ago

I only agreed to this, simply because you mentioned Hitman. =O

XboxOZ3603021d ago

We will see a Hitman iteration soon enough, but the two games are vastly different anyhow. Each game has it's good and bad points of course, but I can see this particular 'mode' in Kane & Lynch 2 being one of the most popular on XboxLive and other online services.

Many diehard fans of such games as Modern Warfare 2 and Halo er=tc will of course complain, but it will be nice for some other game to come along and shack the foundations a little.

Ideally it will help push developers to step up their game with regards to BOTH aspects of their games, Single Player and Multiplayer.

One this that does concern me though is, I certainly hope that the Single Player game is deep enough to engage me, rather than be a simple run-n-gun to the finish line, with the main focus on the Multiplayer side of the game.

There's almost 50% of console users out there that do NOT use online gaming services, so if developers made their single player side of games more engaging, then they might seen game retention lasting longer than 2 days, which seems to be the turn around for most purchases these days, sadly.

ATi_Elite3021d ago

Kane & Lynch: Modern Warfare 2

just another clone trying to capitalize off of another game instead of focusing on innovating their own product. All they did was try to copy the COD or HALO multiplayer leaving the everything else about the game mediocre just like the original.

Hell just name it Kane & Lynch: Reach

XboxOZ3603021d ago

Not sure if you have played the game yet, seeing it has yet to be released, or had a chance to get down-n-dirty with the Multiplayer side of things, because if you had, you'd see it's not simply a clone of MW2 or Halo etc etc.

Sure, all games have similarities, it would be almost impossible these days to come up with a completely new and innovative gameplay mechanic. In fact, I'd find it almost impossible to believe any developer could say they have, especially after spending 4 full days walking and talking with over 30 odd developers at E3 this year.

Some even [pride themselves in using similar mechanics! Why, because they have been proven to be great mechanics, and in doing so, they make the experience better for the player (you and I) so that we aren't fumbling about in the dark trying to work out which way is up with the new style of gameplay.

As I've said before, gamers these days are very quick to criticise developers, and then even quicker to complain that their following title is not on the shelves yet.

If we continue with this, we'll end up all having games which are being published and produced by just a hand full of developers/publishers, and many innovative dev will simply vanish due to the rising cost and development schedules.

Wait until you get several hours up with the game before commenting about it, we have yet to have a full hands on report, but we do have a reviewer working on a piece now actually, so that preview will be live asap.

Then we can debate the pros-n-cons of the actual' gameplay, rather than speculate on what it IS like. Make sense?

NarooN3021d ago

Krayzie Bone, you need to go hang yourself basically.

1. You're disgracing STALKER by using a screenshot as your avatar.
2. You're disgracing Bone Thugs by having the alias of a group member as your account name.

3. The multiplayer of Kane & Lynch 1 AND 2 have NOTHING in common in any of the CoD or Halo games. Everyone starts out as a buncha guys who try to steal some sort of objective. They eventually get attacked by cops or hitmen or something. You can choose to stick together and split the money, or betray your team and take whatever money you can scrounge up for yourself. Any player that gets killed by the cops respawns as a cop and tries to take down their former allies.

I didn't realize that such a game mode existed in CoD or Halo. Oh wait, it's because THERE ISN'T ONE.

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