Square: We want FFXIV on 360

Square Enix has revealed that it is still keen to bring MMO Final Fantasy XIV to Xbox 360 - but that Microsoft's 'closed' Live platform has so far prevented the publisher from doing so.

Square released fellow MMO Final Fantasy XI on the 360 in 2003 - but the firm's newest FF title will only be coming to PC and PS3.

When asked why, Square producer Hiromichi Tanaka commented that "Microsoft's guidelines were not so clearly defined [back then]".

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NYC_Gamer3024d ago

i bet square is at the front door of ms on their knees right now beggin

TheColbertinator3024d ago

I don't get why Square is so upset.If Xbox Live is restricting FF14 development,just move on to another platform to develop games.PC gamers,Sony,Nintendo and Mac users welcome more games with open arms.Besides FF14 is just a test on the PS3,its already a guaranteed success on the PC with all the past FFXI subscribers coming in.

Godmars2903024d ago

I don't get why Square is so set on getting it on XBL they don't adhere to any request MS makes.

Natsu X FairyTail3024d ago

GodMars I thought you were smarter than that. Why do you think SE want FFXIV that much on the xbox? Because It's going to bring them more cash. cmon now aint it obvious?

Montrealien3024d ago

how is FF14 the test? FFXI HDD bundle on PS2 was the true test imho.

TheColbertinator3024d ago


Hey good to see you.I do know that FFXI worked on the PS2 but the PS2 had a huge userbase cultivated for the JRPG market familiar with the FF name.Although the PS3 and 360 have huge online support with a decent JRPG community,I'm not yet certain if Square will reap the rewards immediately.For PC its certain because most FFXI players preferred PC and the MMO market is available on the PC platform.

On the other hand,the 360 and the PS3 are still uncertain factors with the shooter audience dominating the video game industry right now.

IdleLeeSiuLung3024d ago

Because SE wants to make money too... I guess contrary to belief, it is SE that is now begging for FF on Xbox 360.

sikbeta3024d ago

Actually, by the time FFXI came to the West, the PS2 Slim (without the HDD-bay) was selling like crazy and with the PS2 fat out of the picture there wasn't any real Support from Sony, so SE was forced to bring the game to other platforms, hence xbox and that's why they had an agreement/deal to bypass any other kind fee and just having to pay the subscriptions fees of the game

This time around, it's a totally different thing, SE want FFXIV on x360, but the problem is the live subscription which can't be axed and MS will not allow any "free pass" for this game or any, cos If they do with SE and FFXIV this time, other Companies will want the same "free pass" treatment for upcoming games...

Bigpappy3024d ago

Unless they change the subscrition structure. I will not be paying monthly fees to play any games. When I buy a game I will only pay for content that interest me.

Conloles3024d ago

MS probably denied them after looking at SE's track record of games this generation.

Godmars2903024d ago

There's wanting to reach as many people you can to make a profit, then there's bending over and spreading your cheeks to boot. Correcting something you said days before, at the very least, falls towards the latter.

Unless they were planning to make the announcement about FF14 on the 360 this TGS, I don't see why he'd try to reverse himself.

Unless they are planning on saying it and wanted to keep it secret. Put the genie back in the bottle. Not that I think anyone cares.

rezzah3024d ago

They want the money of course, why else? So mroe gamers could enjoy their game? XD

bakasora3024d ago

what. now $quareeix is literally acting like a money grubber. no more respect for u

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Joule3024d ago ShowReplies(1)
Blaster_Master3024d ago

Please MS, give me that fat check, we know our games aren't worth a damn therefore we cant count on our true fanbase to support us after we stabbed them in the back with all these crappy new titles. Please MS, I got these cheese burgers, I s your

zeeshan8103024d ago

I don't they are begging..Microsoft wanted FF on there console.

When this FFXIV sell out on the PS3. I guarantee you MS will be begging on their knees.

IdleLeeSiuLung3024d ago

You mean like FF XIII? Didn't cause MS to beg for FF 14....

Eddie201013024d ago

Old news, but since its about Microsoft and Xbox 360 it needs to be repeated every week.

Jaces3024d ago

...just like FFXIII?

Last I saw they sales were pretty embaressing.

Folezicle3024d ago

As much as fan-boys wish to deny it, Square have already revealed they approached Microsoft.. Regardless I'm more hoping for a Lost Odyssey sequel.

Heisenberg3024d ago

Versus still has my attention, and just barely, but that's it. SE makes shitty games now, I wouldn't buy a $60 game from them just to continue paying them monthly fees. Maybe if they go back to SquareSoft's old business model, I'll go back to buying their games day one, no questions asked the way I used to pre Enix.

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Nitrowolf23024d ago (Edited 3024d ago )

yeah i don't care about 14 that much
just don't dare do it with versus

Pootangpie3024d ago (Edited 3024d ago )

yet you still are immature enough to troll 360 ones I hope FF14 doesn't have a chance because it's an MMO and MS smart because MMO's have always sucked on consoles VS however will be announced probably by next month for the 360 or at least at TGS10 you ignorant sony ****ers don't deserve games

Nitrowolf23024d ago

wasn't VS for 360 suppose to happen at E3?
this is beginning to sound a lot like MGS4 rumor

"sony ****ers don't deserve games "
at least we are getting games
what huge game was revealed for 360 recently

Sez 3024d ago (Edited 3024d ago )

The difference between kojima and square is. Squarenix is actually thinking about putting it on the 360. Where as kojima never made mention or was thinking about putting on the 360.

Nitrowolf23024d ago

Konami Hinted at it
Nomura has stated many times that it will remain a PS3 exclusive

zeeshan8103024d ago (Edited 3024d ago )


Next time find a f****d up site to troll on!!!!!! -_-
Only you ignorant Microsoft ****er don't deserve games.

milohighclub3024d ago (Edited 3024d ago )

ya tramp

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absolutecarnage3024d ago

Hey nitrowolf2 to answer your question about what big game has the 360 announced recently , I think KINGDOMS would be the answer

Sony3603023d ago

What difference does it make to you whether it comes out on the 360 or not? You still get to play it on the Ps3, so why the hell is it any of your concern?

Or are you one of those people stupid enough to blame a game's faults on it coming out on another console as well?

Fishy Fingers3024d ago

I was surprised 360 development was underway and only recently stopped. If MS were against it from the get go, why even begin development.

I imagine if it's successful on the PS3, MS may make loosen their restrictions and allow it, but as far as I'm aware there hasnt been a successful MMO on a console yet.

Blaster_Master3024d ago

Thats cause they noone has even tried one on the ps3 yet. How many flops are they gonna go through till they realize that 360 owners only buy shooters?

duplissi3024d ago

lol, yeah im working at best buy now and everytime i see someone looking at the 360 games i ask them what games they play so i can get a feel of what they like and offer something they might like, 9 times out of 10 they say call of duty....

RememberThe3573024d ago

Has there really been any great MMO's on consoles yet? I personally have been waiting for The Agency, but I'm not really comfortable paying a monthly fee for any kind of game.

jsc249jobal3023d ago

which the ps3 currently supports both and that is why it will have a fighting chance to succeed. I own a ps3 and pc, but will only get this on my pc.

Jack Klugman3024d ago (Edited 3024d ago )

nah, you can keep FFXIV. But Versus I will be enjoying on my 360.

Dragun6193024d ago

Well, that's cool Jack, if that ever even happens.
I'll be enjoying FFXIV and FFXIII Versus on PS3 guaranteed.

sikbeta3024d ago

You can fool yourself if you want, just buy a PS3, find a mod-case with the shape of an x360, put it on the PS3 and pretend that actually is an x360... and when the PS3 logo appears in the screen you can close your eyes and imagine it's the xbox logo too, that might work for you...

MajestieBeast3024d ago (Edited 3024d ago )

Yeah keep dreaming not gonna happen. Why are you 360 fanboys always begging for ps3 exclusives and then when they come out you dont buy them.

TheTeam063024d ago

Because they're like toddlers during their "mine" phase.

whitesoxfalife3024d ago

Dawg be real wit that bullshit comment u just left.... how about why u ps3 owners dont buy ya own exclusives

SOAD3024d ago

way to make a generalization there. You see one or two guys on N4G make a comment about wanting a PS3 exclusive, and you assume every 360 fan cares.

MajestieBeast3024d ago (Edited 3024d ago )

I said fanboys not fans cause most 360 fans are just reasonable 360 fanboys like klugman arent.

We dont buy games last time i checked heavy rain and MAG are selling better then Alan wake and Crackdown 2.

Pootangpie3024d ago (Edited 3024d ago )

were begging for Mass effect 2 and Splinter cell conviction a few months back it's going to happen sooner or later square doesn't owe sony are you ignorant ****ers anything there a business company and that's what they do I love how a get bash and many diaagrees just for stating the truth about this cesspool could a site swarming with PS3 fanboys but the bluray but the cell but the 360 will gimp are games seriously stfu and get some new trolling material because it's all retarded assumption if you ask me

Sony3603023d ago

It's because we're busy buying other multi-plat games that look better on the 360. You know, the ones that the developers 'didn't screw up'.

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stonecold13024d ago

not coming anytime soon for the 360 since its a ps3 exclusive just go and get a ps3 if you want vs 13 ps3 is not that expansive anymore

scofios3024d ago

@Jack Klugman
Then you need to plug your CD Changer again if that happens.

Voiceofsoi3024d ago

If that happens, you enjoy your FFVXIII, I'll enjoy my GOOD 60 hour RPGS that aren't linear and don't look like a PS2 game.

Sony3603023d ago

'Meanwhile' we're still enjoying Mass Effect 2. An RPG that craps over anything the Ps3 has to offer.

WildArmed3023d ago (Edited 3023d ago )

except Demons Souls.. coz that just craps over everything xD
Then casts Fire Storm, followed by God's wrath with a finishing blow with Dragon Bone Crusher..

I'm just saying...
Nothing can stand up to my NEW MOON GRASS :D

Honestly, Demons Souls is as hardcore as it gets.

Plus, I distinctly remember playing ME2 on my PC too. The DLC is more 'affordable' there xD (and the game is cheaper!)

As far as FF13VS goes, I can't wait to play it on ps3/pc/360..idc
i just want it now XD

iOmegaSeriousi3023d ago

well VErsus its not planning to be on the 360 as far as SE knows

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