Xbox 360 Slim UK Price Slashed by Retail Giant Tesco

Global supermarket behemoth, Tesco has unveiled the first cut-price offering of the upcoming Xbox 360 Slim, the latest games console from Microsoft. Already out in the US, the slimed down 360 is due for release in the UK this coming Friday (July 16th.)

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Fishy Fingers3206d ago

%5 Isnt exactly much of a "slash" but it's much better than nothing. Watch Asda quickly retaliate.

Raf1k13206d ago

We already sell the PS3 at a pretty decent price of £235 in Asda stores. I'll be surprised if the 360S doesn't get a cheap price. If you know anyone who works at Asda you can get a console really cheap since a 10% discount allowed me to buy a PS3 for £211.50 as a gift.

GameOn3206d ago

Amazon have had it for £189.99 for a while now so this is not impressive at all

Bigpappy3206d ago

M$ is posed to ride that holidays train for all its worth. The wii might have to strat looking in the mirror. Not only because of the slim being a hit. But Kinect is the real hero in all of this. Next year this time it will still be all Kinect.

Jack Klugman3206d ago (Edited 3206d ago )

every £ counts.. Sounds like a good deal.


It's funny how their motto doesn't apply to the PS3 Slim.

Slient Knight 93206d ago

really debating on getting 360 again had orginal 20gb one, then it rrod on me got rid of it.

i can get elite for £150 or £189 for new slim model plus i work for tesco get 10% off man this is tough choice.

Strikepackage Bravo3206d ago

your an idiot if you dont get it. Either that or your not a true gamer, take your pick. 10% off on top of this deal, man thats crazy, how can you be hesitant to jump on this? Let go of the fan-boylove, and be a man and think for yourself, I know we are programmed to hate all things American and Microsoft but wtf, you can get this thing for practically a steal!

HeroXIV3206d ago

I hope Asda cut to 20%. :)

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