Dis-Kinection: How Microsoft Has Lost Focus

Microsoft are going in the wrong direction with Kinect, producing what appears to be a mismatched product for audiences that don't care, and at the same time drifting away from where their brand is strong. Do you agree?

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squallsoft3021d ago (Edited 3021d ago )

"It's like that episode of Friends where there's two birthday parties, and you're feeling a bit like Monica, trying to force everyone to have fun while guests sneak out under the wire to the other party across the corridor."

wow, i loled ^_^

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Hades13373021d ago

Not that it bothers me that much, but the amount of articles titled "Dis-Kinect" shows a "dis-tinct" lack of journalistic originality.

Chaostar3021d ago

Agreed just put it on the pile next to the 'Has playstation MOVED you?' and 'top 10 blankety blank' articles.

Otheros003021d ago

Please rekinect your controller.

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Hacker3021d ago

Lost focus.....Not the ones dissing Kinect are the ones who have Lost focus Fact.

chakan3021d ago (Edited 3021d ago )


Is that your way of discrediting the article?

Seems like Kinect isn't impressing most people these days. :o

leila01; Everyone *you* know. I'm talking about journalists that are questioning the technology itself.

leila013021d ago

You might want to wait for it to come out before passing judgement.
By the way, everyone I know is impressed by the tech.

The Lazy One3021d ago

Agree with leila.

Everyone I know thinks it is very interesting tech regardless of what people who have no plans of ever purchasing a microsoft product say about it.

n4gno3021d ago

everyone, except all the unbiased journalist who have tried this new israelian eye toy.

SeanRL3021d ago

Real fact: Putting the word fact at the end of your sentence doesn't make it a fact, it makes you look retarded.

leila013021d ago

We get one of these every 6 hours. nice

chakan3021d ago

But it's a decent article at least.

Why o why3021d ago (Edited 3021d ago )

dismiss it. Its a frequent topic because its a current topic. Some of the articles are just saying what we already know. Kinect is limited thus it will be very hard to please a very demanding hardcore/core crowd. No amount of haters OR optimist will change that. It goes both ways from blind faith to blind hate. What the honest people who have seen and tested the tech seem to feel is that its limited and may be labelled haters or unprofessional as you can see from some of the comments. You 'leila01' talk about the people you know being 'impressed' by the tech....What impressed them exactly? Honestly? Bottom line is time will tell. No point hating or defending because nothing is conclusive. What is definite though is that MS lost the confidence of many core gamers from there smoke n mirrors shenanigans......cirque de what...dont take the piss.

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The story is too old to be commented.