Is 'Game of the Year' Losing All Meaning?

‘Game of the Year’ sounds like a pretty definite statement. ‘Game!’ (as in singular), it proclaims. ‘Of the Year!’, it quickly follows up (as in, the single defining title of a chronological mini-era of human history.) But it doesn’t work that way.

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MariaHelFutura3021d ago (Edited 3021d ago )

LittleBigPlanet was the GOTY, IDC what anyone says. LittleBigPlanet2 should be GOTY too, (again) IDC what anyone says.

D4RkNIKON3021d ago

Same here, it was something new that hasn't been done before and it was done well. I can't wait for LBP2 and I agree, it will throw a wrench in the 2010 GOTY for sure

Tomdc3021d ago

yeah but was batman:arkam asylam really? no. was fallout 3? No. But they both have game of the year editions. they are great games but not considered game of the year by the majority and there are many other examples.

cranium3021d ago

I've never played Arkham Asylum, but I know that Fallout 3 is GotY material. Despite all it's glitches I love that game to bits. It's one of my most played games ever.

UnSelf3021d ago

GOTY should be rewarded to a single game that receives most of the GOTY acclaims from various sources.

Modern Warfare 07

LBP 08

Uncharted 2 09

GT5 10 ???

SeanRL3021d ago

GT5 prediction may not come true, thanks to the love of shooters the industry has right now.

MariaHelFutura3021d ago

I think GT5 and LBP2 should split it. Racing games never win GOTY awards, but GT5 isn`t just your regular racing game.

Buy a PS3, it seems to be winning all the GOTY awards.

Nitrowolf23021d ago

wouldn't that make it the first racer to get GoTY?

SOAD3021d ago

Yup. I've played games that have been called "Game of the Year" for 2 months tops and then moved on. Even Uncharted 2, sorry to say. Some games hold my attention longer than others.

Studio-YaMi3021d ago

well,till now that is,is Super Mario Galaxy 2
I mean seriously,what game makes you so eager to play over and over again just to want even more !

That's what I love about first party Nintendo games (especially mario & zelda) they are just pure gameplay and "keyword" FUN !

Arnon3021d ago (Edited 3021d ago )

Uncharted 2 was certainly not my GotY for 2009. It was fun and enjoyable, but I beat the story twice on the hardest difficulty, and never really cared to play multiplayer after a few rounds. Demon's Souls was my GotY for 2009. It's the only title that actually had what is considered true replay value, instead of just "The game has trophies and multiplayer! That equates to replay value!!"

>Implying some of us even care about trophies and achievements.

CrippleH3021d ago

Publishers are lying out of their asses with GOTY editions. It's pure marketing crap to sell the same games with DLC in a single package.

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101arena3021d ago

I agree with this article, there's been so many games in one year with the title 'game of the year'. It should be awarded to one game, and one game only for being the best in all categories(visuals, gameplay, etc.)

RadientFlux3021d ago

the problem being who gets to make that decision, there are so many different game organizations out there.

IMO GOTY never meant anything to me, as everyone has different tastes and not to be vain but my opinion is the only one that matters (to me).

Tony-A3021d ago (Edited 3021d ago )

Unfortunately, "Game of the Year" is only a matter of opinion, so there will never be 100% agreement on a game being GOTY. That's why there's so many different websites and so many GOTY awards. It was bound to feel "worn out" eventually.

Last year, although the majority of websites chose Uncharted 2, there were always a couple who voted Assassin's Creed 2 or Modern Warfare 2 (Gametrailers or Gamespot even chose Demon's Souls).

PirateThom3021d ago

Fable II only got 2 awards and got a GOTY edition.

To me, "GOTY edition" is becoming more like "Complete Edition"

ZombieAutopsy3021d ago

GOTY Edition is pretty much just the game with some DLC, at least that what it seems like to me.

T9X693021d ago

I was scrolling down the page to type that....but you beat me to it lol

Spenok3020d ago

Well thats because thats what it is. I feel they bring to many of these out. At least Sony seems to bring out GOTY editions for games that actually were GOTY. Granted they have only released 1 GOTY edition.

LeonSKennedy4Life3021d ago

GOTY edition should only go to the game with the most GOTY awards.

2009 - Uncharted 2
2008 - Little Big Planet

theonlylolking3021d ago

True but then so many people will choose halo so that they can say HA halo is the greatest game ever.

HelghastKid3021d ago

Thats the thing, Halo didnt receive nearly as many awards as people think. It's definitely a good game, but its not GOTY

BeaArthur3021d ago

I would argue that it never had any meaning. It's just a way for developers and publishers to try and repackage a product with more content in order to garner more sales. It's not any different from calling a game the "special edition"; what's so special about it?

IHateYouFanboys3021d ago


companies releasing 'game of the year' editions of their games arent basing it on certain publications giving them awards - theyre basing it on selling more copies. they dont want to re-release the exact same thing, so they put in a bit of extra content and slap 'game of the year edition' on it, then watch the fanboys flock to it, buying it when they already purchased the original release.

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