Five Capcom Fighting Sequels We Feverishly Want- Gameplaybook

Yoshinori Ono is planning something big at Comic-Con...but what? Gameplaybook humbly suggests five fighting sequels they wouldn't mind seeing at the upcoming event. Night Warriors HD? Power Stone 3? Please?

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Myst3021d ago

Power Stone 3 yes. They can even make it a PSN - XBL release title if they wanted.

XxBarretxX3021d ago

I 100% Back up this statement!

Tarmgar3021d ago

Omg, someone that understands my pain! Please let that beeee!!

TheDCD3021d ago

Yeah, between that and Night Warriors HD, I'd be frickin' GLUED.

UnSelf3021d ago


with 2d sprites ala BlazBlue

and over 100+ characters

3021d ago
tiamat53021d ago

Exactly. Rival Schools was a gem that has been over looked for to long. Either make a HD version of RS2 or make RS3

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