Ten best fighting games on the Wii
"The Wii has never gotten much respect from hardcore gamers. The console's motion controls are often scoffed at as is the large library of casual and family-friendly titles. An extremely large selection of what many would consider to be shovelware hasn't helped things much, either. And while most of that lack of hardcore enthusiasm is well earned, Nintendo's motion-controlled console has scored some decent fighting titles -- some of which have been Wii exclusives. Let's take a look at the ten best on the system to date:"

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SpoonyRedMage3961d ago

SC Legends isn't a fighting game....

Venox20083961d ago

but I could put Mortal Kombat: armageddon if there was a better control :)

lil boy blue3961d ago (Edited 3961d ago )

Dbz is better in my opinion the TOL.
Naruto CONR2 should be on the list because 3 is why better because of online story etc.
TVC look better than punch out.

you guy can disagree but these are just my thought

SactoGamer3961d ago

DBZ should totally be at the rear-end of this list along with any and all Naruto titles. Just my thought.

DethRob643961d ago

All 3 Naruto Clash of the Ninja Games Heck 3 Has Online Play and it is not on the list.

rumplstilts3961d ago

50 percent of these games are garbage! Soul Caliber: Legends? Seriously? SSBB is incredible though.

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