Google invests in Zynga, plans to launch Google Games. But is it true?

Gamezebo says "Techcrunch has started a rumor that Google has secretly invested $100 million in Zynga (making it a total of $500 million raised) and plans to launch Google Games later this year.
Details are few and far between but according to Techcrunch, Google Games will launch with Zynga’s games like FarmVille as its anchors, utilize Google Checkout for micro-transactions, and tie into Google’s social graph. Here's OUR take;"

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SuperStrokey11233046d ago

If there was any company i would want to join the hardware war it would be google. This doesnt sounds like that though

Raypture3045d ago

Wouldn't surprise me, googles all over the place anymore but unlike a lot of other companies making the hip products these days google can actually do it and still make good products.