Top Game Company Screw Ups in 2010

Here is a list of some of the worst screw ups made this year by game companies, which in turn screw over the gamers and for some ultimately screw themselves in the process. Some of these decisions were solely made from game companies trying to squeeze every penny from gamers.

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GWAVE3024d ago

Where's "Microsoft forgot that E3 was for gamers, not 7-year-old girls" on the list?

halocursed3024d ago

For me, #1 Infinity Ward and Activision

BeaArthur3024d ago

I was kind of surprised that one wasn't on the list myself. I guess it's not on there because we still don't know a lot about the details of the incident.

Jack Klugman3024d ago ShowReplies(2)
Darkfiber3024d ago

I see nothing wrong with EA "charging for multiplayer" as you put it. Buy the game new as you were intended and everything is fine.

Developers don't get a cent from used games, so all your $55 go directly to GameStop, a company almost every gamer universally hates. EA is a business and they have to get paid somehow, and if this is the only way then I say go for it. Screwing people who are too cheap to pay $5 for a new game is alright in my books. I'd rather my money go to the people who actually spent thousands of hours creating a game I enjoy rather than go to a heartless middleman who rips you off and has done absolutely nothing to earn that money.

It's not like they are charging you extra for the game if you buy it new, so just buy it new and you there's no complaint. It's not EA's fault that you're too god damn cheap to give the actual people who MADE the game any money.

Pennywise3024d ago

Tell Peter Moore hello if you see him walking in the hallways while you are on break.

I like to rent the yearly released sport games just to see if they are worth the $60.00 update charge. So now, I can't even know if those games have working online code worth a purchase. Wonderful. Yeah, you are right... good idea. All EA has done is make sure I won't be purchasing their games unless I am 100% sure I want it. Oh, they also saved me about $400.00 a year. Thanks EA!

Elven63024d ago

Even if you rent a sports game its not like they won't be making money off your purchase, most games use dynamic in-game advertising now in arenas and stuff don't they? So if you rent a game from Blockbuster for a week and play hours on end for that entire week you are still contributing *something* over nothing for revenue.

Pennywise3024d ago

Elven, I really don't mind contributing. I just think this is a bad move. Not because it will stop used game sales(I rarely buy used)... because of the mess this will lead to. This is just the beginning if they get away with it. Next it will be Single player code. If you don't buy the game first hand wrapped... you won't be able to play it. Just wait.

I don't care who you are... that is BS.

BeaArthur3024d ago

My issue with the EA online pass is that they claim it is to maintain servers but we all know that is a load of crap because they frequently shut down old servers and seem to maintain the active ones just fine. They just want more money and instead of being honest they hide behind the online pass and "server maintenance".

rdgneoz33024d ago

Some games don't deserve the full 60 dollar price tag. Paying $60 for a shitty game just for the money to go to the developers instead of a company selling it used is dumb. Think someone should pay full price for any Iron Man game, Rogue Warrior, Naughty Bear (had hoped this one would be good be sadly..) or such? Also, developers are charging for things that are already on the disk after it releases.

As for EA charging for multiplayer, hopefully the used game stores lower the prices for those games so it won't be too much of a price tag if you want to play it online.

Overall, I'll pay full price if the game has enough value to it and the developers aren't trying to rip you off for things that should have been free in the first place or charging like 15 for a map pack. If they don't care about their gamers, they why should we care about giving our money to them rather than getting it for a lot less used?

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