Kane & Lynch 2 Screens and Demo Information: Because We Love You

DualShockers writes, "Let’s get something out the way real quick, people. The first Kane & Lynch felt like we were forced to watch two adults with down-syndrome knife fight – it just didn’t seem right. It was an abortion from the womb of atrocity, and it left many bad tastes in our mouths. But that was the past, and that monstrosity is nothing but a dying memory as we continue to push forward with our gaming...."

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Hitman07693115d ago

Am I the only one who thinks Kane & Lynch is an awful game franchise? Why is IO Interactive wasting their time on this? I'm not denying that part 2 has come a long way but when I compare it to other games in the genre I just wonder what's the point?

Nicaragua3115d ago

nope, im right there with you.

raztad3115d ago

Havent played the first. So I'm not sure what is awful about it. I mean Manhunt is sickening for some people but I still loved both iterations.

I like how this game is 60fps with some nice visuals to boot (sub hd res looks like not making a negative effect somehow). If the story is solid, I'm sold. I'd wait for the PS3 demo and a couple of reviews.

WrAiTh Sp3cTr33115d ago

I actually like it, minus the controls and graphics, it was decent.

Baka-akaB3115d ago

dont worry you are not alone . It's to the point that i dislike even the characters , so even in a way better done sequel , it got no chance with me .

Sue me , you all got stuff you hate and can't get over , K&l just happen to be one of mine

MysticStrummer3115d ago

Agreed. Hated the first, and have no interest in the sequel. There will have to be some glowing reviews for me to consider renting it.

iiprotocolii3115d ago

I actually coughed up the $60 for this game. It seemed good at first until I actually took notice of the game's visuals, clunky controls, and disgusting gameplay. I remember Eidos actually promoting this game as if it were the most amazing thing since HPV shots.

Personally, I might give this game shot just to see whether or not it redeems itself. A couple of people have said positive things about it during E3 - so I might just rent this and pray for the best. I've learned my lesson in spending $60 on over-hyped games.

Baka-akaB3115d ago

be careful , the press is often always positive , till suddenly at the last minute , they discover that a game they spend plenty of time with , between previews and various conferences , isnt that good .

Just look at APB , why give it such overwhelmingly positive opinions at first , if you were going to kill it for it's already detectable shortcomings ?

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Nicaragua3115d ago

hated the first game but more than that i hated the characters so there is no chance i will be buying this. I amazed that it even got the green light for a sequel based off the reception that the first game got.

Games4M - Rob3115d ago

LOL, totally agree - i dont see the attraction in playing a game as some ugly hobo who looks like he has pissed his pants or his retarded sidekick.

kaz3503115d ago

Ive never played the first one but i gotta say its refreshing to see a char that isnt bald space marine number 83790

redDevil873115d ago

I hate the main characters in this game. Some people think their badasses, i just think theyre assholes.

NarooN3115d ago

That's the point. They're REAL people, they're not meant to be fucking saints.

BeaArthur3115d ago

I would think that this game would have to be better than the original.

Games4M - Rob3115d ago

Surely thats true of any sequel ?

treeson473115d ago

red faction 2, fighting force 2, max payne 2, manhunt 2 (while all of these games may have been good in their own right, they dont have shit on the originals.

BX813115d ago

I loved the first one! I'm looking forward to part 2!!!!!!!!!!

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