EA To Reveal Spore RPG At Comic-Con

DualShockers writes, "Just about every Will Wright fan has taken the plunge to play his latest creation - Spore. I must admit that I had a meh attitude about the game before playing it and falling in love with the innovative design and execution. After a while, though, the game lost it’s appeal as more attention-worthy games were spat out, and Spore went into a subconscious slumber forever to be forgotten by the perpetuating releases of console games that grasped my attention. That is until today, of course...."

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taz80803024d ago

Spore was pretty lack luster of a game. It was fun during the first two stages but then got boring. An RPG based on PSore could be interesting but it will be hard to implement.

thevokillist3024d ago

I played it at my Dad's house. He was ranting and raving about how cool it was. I played for about 20 minutes and lost interest.

Hitman07693024d ago

Oh My, first they took over PC with the ability to create your own sea-monkey style world and watch it evolve. Now Spore is seeking to re-invent itself through (surprise surprise) an RPG iteration! Honestly though, can anyone really be that surprised? This is clearly the year of the RPG and Spore is going to have to get in a long line of other news stories relating to the genre and its elements before anyone gives it the attention it may deserve. Thanks for the announcement EA but you really aren't being that original with your timing.

booni33024d ago

i know im probably in the minority when i say this, but i never got around to playing spore. This RPG has a lot of story potential though.