NVIDIA’s GeForce GTX 460: The $200 King

Today NVIDIA is back in the saddle with something entirely new: GF104 and the GTX 460. The second member of the Fermi family is ready for its day in the sun, and in many ways it’s nothing like we expected. Designed from the start as a smaller chip than GF100, GF104 is the basis of the GTX 460 line of products which fix the GTX 465’s ills while delivering the GTX 465’s performance. It’s what the GTX 465 should have been, and it’s priced as low as $199.

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ProjectVulcan3110d ago (Edited 3110d ago )

Looks like Nvidia finally have a great part and there is some value back in graphics. Seen the 768mb version for as little as 150 pounds, and its at least as fast as the more expensive radeon 5830. It also puts the previous GTX285 to bed finally, mostly beating it or matching it even with immature drivers. Makes the 5770 look a little expensive in some games, so this should force down the cost of radeon parts 5830 and below.

Well done Nvidia, been a long time but this is a hit for sure

evrfighter3110d ago

Could also force down the price of 5850's. It's not 8800 revolutionary but it's a darn good start considering how the rebadge game Nvidia's been playin the last few years.

All in all it looks like Nvidia is back on track. They just need to keep it up so that I can buy another 5870 for a better price.

ProjectVulcan3110d ago

The full fat 1Gb definitely gives a 5850 a run for its money, especially the factory overclocked versions which just as often beat 5850 as loses. You could probably expect Ati to respond with price cuts. These cards have a power and a significant heat advantage. In other reviews they overclock incredibly well too, 30 percent on the core and shader clocks, unheard of overclocking performance for a card in this class. Factory overclocked cards also render the 465 and the 470 pretty much obsolete at their pricepoints and known diadvantages.

The other final consideration is that in SLI configuration, a pair of 1GB 460's worry the 5970 which is a clear 200 pounds more expensive than a pair, and they easily beat the GTX480 for 100 pounds less. If you want really high end performance then this is by far the cheapest way to get it

ATi_Elite3110d ago

This is the card Nvidia should have released. As a ATi fanboy the GTX 460 is awesome. for $240 a factory overclocked 460 so far can beat a HD 5850 and a GTX 460 Sli set up can destroy a GTX 480 HD 5870 HD 5850 crossfire and compete closely with HD 5970.

The GTX 460 runs very cool and uses a respectable low amount of electricity along side a low noise fan. Go for the 1024MB memory version as the low price and extra 8 CUDA cores makes it a must buy.

The only problem I see with the GTX 460 is can the benchmarks be reflective of what you and I will buy in the store as Nvidia is known to send "special" cards to reviewers and the performance level of off the shelf cards is much lower (see GTX 275).

Congratulations Nvidia welcome to the DX11 show.

Now ATi slash the prices of the HD 5850, HD 5870, and get rid of the HD 5830 then release a HD 5890 1ghz 1.5GB GDDR5 384 bit FTW!

ranmafandude3110d ago

ya know ya computer parts. i have no idea what this does but it sounds powerful.

Darkfiber3110d ago

Thinking about getting a new Dx11 card, looks like the 1gb might be a winner.

Theonik3110d ago

Finally a replacement for my 7900Gt. :P

ProjectVulcan3110d ago (Edited 3110d ago )

Wow. You are in for a treat if you have a good CPU too, talk about a huge leap! This card is at least 5 times faster! Biggest leap i ever had was from a voltmodded 7900GS (i loved the 7900GS, you could OC the nuts off them and get quite near the expensive 7900GTX) to a 8800GT and i felt that was huge

moe843110d ago

Yeah, I was thinking of commenting something along those lines. Hell there was a replacement for his card 4 years ago. Pretty much any $50-$100 dollar card would be a major improvement.

The differences he would see between his card and the 460 would be like night and day.

Theonik3110d ago

Yeah i know. Been waiting for an opportunity to make the jump is all. When i got it in 2006 it was a good card and it still runs most games at least on console level. I meant to move to 8800Gt from that but for some reason i didn't. (PC hardware is very expensive here at least 2x what it is in the US, even this card is 260 Euro for the 1Gb version Vs the 230$ in the US.) The rest of my hardware is fine thankfully. I am hoping for a huge increase in performance.

Bluemaster773110d ago (Edited 3110d ago )

I currently have a 9800 GTS 1GB i want to upgrade but dont know which way to go in terms of cpu , or gpu nvidia or ati !! ??? Any Suggestions

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