Microsoft: Core gamers are entertainment junkies that will love Kinect games
"Hard-core or "core" gamers have voiced concern over Microsoft's camera-based motion controller, Kinect, since it made its full debut at this year's E3. They've complained that the game are too casual, that there's no way to play games like shooters with it, and more. However, Microsoft's general manager of global marketing communications, Rob Matthews, says that core games will love Kinect because it has great games and they are entertainment junkies."

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Neco5123019d ago

Sounds like a winning concept to me. Haters will talk trash simply because it's on Xbox though. Everyone is doing something "like" this now, but Xbox's is the only one that seems revolutionary. It's the next step ahead of what Wii has done. It's controllerless. How can you not think that's cool??

MxShade3019d ago

I do think it's cool. I just don't think that home technology is ready for controllerless gaming yet - due to the space and cost required and the issues with detecting movement.

Matthews is right though; entertainment junkies WILL eat this up.

GWAVE3019d ago (Edited 3019d ago )

Corrected: Achievement score junkies.

Entertainment junkies probably won't eat this up. Microsoft is just spewing PR so that its shareholders won't commit suicide. Gamers will continue to say the same thing that they've said about Wiii's motion controls - though Kinect is even LESS accurate than the Wii - for the past three years.

EDIT: And I'm with HolyOrangeCows. It's ignorant to think only haters are hating on Kinect. I actually was most excited about what MIcrosoft could show off at this year's E3, but they flopped, especially with Kinect.

HolyOrangeCows3019d ago

There are several things that they didn't deliver on, there aren't any core games in its lineup, Microsoft is spending a lot of resources to attract casuals (As if casuals are going to spend $400+ for 360+Kinect), they faked most of their Kinect showings at E3 (Kinectimals hand positions were COMPLETELY different from the girls, On-rails Star Wars moved before the guy did, obviously prerecorded)....the reasons for 360 gamers to be annoyed are quite numerous.

Now stop trying to convince yourself that the "hate" is coming from 360 haters only.

Biggest3019d ago (Edited 3019d ago )

Well there you have it. I don't want to hear anymore about this subject. Microsoft has told you fanboys that you WILL love the Kinect games. I have full confidence that no matter how shitty the games get, you will in fact love them. You can't help yourself. Skittles the Ti-dog will entertain you for years to come. You won't get enough flying raft jump. And you most certainly will become a dance superstar. Microsoft has spoken. Now you all get to lovin'!

tyrex3019d ago

you spin me right round baby right round, like r.r.o.d right round baby

SOAD3019d ago (Edited 3019d ago )

Dude, fuck Microsoft's shareholders. They're the ones who prevent Microsoft from taking big risks. They actually hold back Microsoft. If it wasn't for the shareholders, MS would have supported the HD-DVD, and the Courier, and who knows what else.

Fuck the shareholders. This isn't to say that Kinect isn't a bad move. It probably is, but there have been dozens of good concepts that Microsoft has worked on and then inexplicably dropped because their shareholders are a bunch of aneurysms waiting to happen.

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Queasy3019d ago

I'm actually more interested in the non-gaming aspects of Kinect right now. At least until they come out with better looking games.

Anon19743019d ago (Edited 3019d ago )

It has everything to do with the games. Core gamers might be entertained for all of 30 seconds with camera games like Raft Racing, or adventure. The dance game might be entertaining but they'll probably get more traction with the sports title. Problem is, all these games are already on the Wii. Even thought the Kinect camera is different, we've seen all these types of party games before. Are consumers really going to shell out for a new 360 plus $150 for a camera to play the same type of games that have been on the Wii for 3 years? I can't see either the casuals or the core biting.

It's just my opinion and I could be dead wrong but I just don't think the public is going to shell out for the same 5 year old Xbox that has been in a sales decline for the past 5 quarters, but with a new $150 camera!

Edit: Amazon and Wal-Mart have already listed it at $150. Many other reports of the 149.99 price have been leaked from retailers. Even Microsoft themselves posted a price of $149.99, which you noted. Where there's smoke, there's fire.
And would it really make it that much better if it was $125 camera? Or even $100 camera. It's still just a camera. There's been web cam games for over a decade now. This isn't new.

absolutecarnage3019d ago (Edited 3019d ago )

anybody else getting tired of everybody saying its 150 dollars, because last time i checked it hasn't gotten a price yet, If Microsoft was smart they price it the exact same price as the move bundle

Please don't mention the microsoft store either because they already said that the price was put down so that pre orders could be placed not the comfirmed price

Corepred43019d ago

well when everyone is saying is $150 you start to go with that price. Especially when Microsoft itself had it on their website. Wal-mart and other stores have it at that price too so what do you expect people to think?

sikbeta3019d ago

More like what one of the MS Crowd said before, buying kinect games @ $60 each for achievements... that's OK if they want to, but sure there'll be always better options if they want to get achievements....

strickers3019d ago

Because some of us tired of it when PS2 did it over 6 years ago.It was a novelty that got boring real fast and will be again.I guess some of the kids in gaming now don't have much experience like some of us that grew up from Speccy days.

DoucheVader3019d ago

This is marketing rhetoric or a "suggestion" by MS.

Have core gamers flocked to the Wii??

NO.... Grand Mas and Girls have.

whoelse3019d ago

Motion gaming is here to stay in many forms, but controllers will always be present because buttons are important for accuracy, ease of use, and to relax on the sofa.

Spenok3018d ago

Controllerless gameing was done with eyetoy 5 freakin years ago. This isnt revolutionary.

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killyourfm3019d ago

More like "Child of Eden" and I'll be a Kinect Konvert ;-)

Queasy3019d ago

Well, they say the really great Kinect games are two years out. If that's the case, what will the "core" have until then?

jay23019d ago (Edited 3019d ago )

Lol, no way am I buying this joke.

EDIT: Maybe, just maybe Milo will change my mind.

strickers3019d ago

Yes.if you are a catholic priest or a scout leader.

masterofpwnage3019d ago

show me the games.

then i will purchase.

BeaArthur3019d ago

I doubt I love entertainment that much. Show me something worth buying and maybe I'll change my mind.

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