Violent Games Relieve Stress

Ex: A recent study by Texas A&M's Dr. Christopher J. Ferguson shows that long term exposure to violent video games allows both males and females to handle stress better than non-gamers.

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CrAppleton3020d ago

This is kind of a no-brainer.. it's easy to imagine that the mental connection to blowing some sh!t up online is strong enough to somewhat please your "I'm pissed" feelings.

Neco5123020d ago

Well, it's easy when there are other people involved. But just think how effed up in the head those kids must be that are on there killing and talking trash every day. Their real life must be zen.


love coming home from work and busting heads playing Gears. Only thing better is sex!

Anon19743020d ago

There's something soothing about coming home from a hard day at the office, sitting back on your couch, tuning out and blowing things up. For me, when I was working in the brokerage industry it was a vital coping strategy when dealing with the stresses of the day, especially when the markets went to hell and I spent every moment trying to talk in my clients off the ledge. One of the most stressful periods I've ever had to go through in my career and making things go boom at the end of the day got me through.

PoSTedUP3020d ago (Edited 3019d ago )

i was stressed out when my 360 broke while i was playing crackdown2 so i went outside and started shooting people, jk i would never buy a 360. jk i wish i had a 360. jk. : )

good article. sometimes when i feel like brutally murdering someone i play gta4 and then only beat the crap out of them. jk i still murder them.
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on a more serious note

its not just the killing (maybe for some) but its also the fact of having fun and "escaping" reality and responsibility. going to the movies, beach, bar etc. all relieve stress for most people. but video games also increase stress levels, like when playing online in a tight situation, you may feel stressed out or have an anxiety attack lol, or get pissed at something or someone etc.

blood pressure medication should be included with all socom games. many fans would agree with me.

MxShade3020d ago

I don't "raeg" often, but always find video games a relief for when I need to. Silly that science feels a need to prove what gamers tell the world already.

DaRockSays3020d ago

people don't believe us gamers though, they'll believe science simply because they feel we're biased towards gaming. which. let's admit it. we are

NYPunkster3019d ago

I'm assuming the author has never played MW2.

Darkstorn3019d ago

Games honestly don't reliever much stress in me. The only stress reliving games I've played are Flower and the original Diablo (simply due to the repetition, but I still love that game :D).

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Queasy3020d ago

I love it when studies contradict studies which contradict other studies.

How about a simple answer. There is no one size fits all solution that can be applied to all individuals.

Neco5123020d ago

yup that is true, next week we'll hear the opposite from someone who hates video games.

masterofpwnage3020d ago

yeah espicially in gta.

pretend your girl cheated on you and you just wanted to beat her with a bat, but wait you cant its illigal. well just go play gta, fine a girl and pretend thats you beating your girl haha.

AliTheBrit193020d ago

I agree

Something which has always stuck with me, when I was like 13

And playing on games like GTA (Granted, I probably shouldnt have)

And say one of my mums friends would walk in and see me gunning down people, they would ask her why she was letting me play a violent video game.

She would simply say: I'd rather him be in the house playing on that, than out on the streets getting up to no good (I live in a pretty rough area)

gtsentry3020d ago

if only mi parents knew this information

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