The Best Gaming Editorials You've Never Read

Joel Taveras, Deputy Editor of DualShockers writes, "As we approach our 1 year anniversary milestone we here at DualShockers figure what better way for you all to familiarize yourself with the site than by checking out some of our past original work that has helped gain some serious momentum throughout our first year in the biz. Believe it or not, but we’re much more than your everyday gaming news site, and it’s actually editorials like the ones listed below that have helped gain the respect of readers as well as our peers throughout the industry. Considering that it’s Monday, we’re in the middle of the Summer, and Michael Pachter hasn’t made any ridiculous predications recently, actual gaming news is pretty light. So instead of searching for news that isn’t really there, how about checking out the very best gaming editorials you’ve never read!"

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Ninferno3024d ago

its so sad that some editorials are just overlooekd because theyre not on some of the bigger sites. some very good opinions are overlooked

HolyOrangeCows3024d ago

This article should be called "The Best Gaming Editorials You've Never Read from OUR site"

Hitman07693024d ago

Some of the best gaming editorials ever have been the ones that go deeper than other editorials are willing to go. This compilation is really inspiring and each editorial is an eye opening piece delving into topics that affect every type of gamer.

JoelT3024d ago

Editorial by Yaris Gutierrez, is one of the best game related original pieces that I've ever read.

Taran3024d ago

Yeah so many of these are good, especially the one about Racism. I can not agree more about how some nights kids tossing around racial slurs just completely ruins my experience, at least in that game lobby.

Chadness3024d ago

I'm sure it was fun writing these editorials, as well. It's always goog to spread great work around for those who might have missed it the first time.

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The story is too old to be commented.