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Xbox 360 to Top PS3 in June, But Game Sales 'Likely to Decline Again'

On Thursday, The NPD Group is expected to release its video game sales report for the month of June. Following a downright terrible April and a worse than expected May, June game sales are likely to be down yet again, according to Wedbush Morgan Securities analyst Michael Pachter. He's expecting software sales to come in at $575 million, an 8% dip year-over-year.

As for hardware, Pachter estimates sales of 400,000 Wiis (up 11% y-o-y), 325,000 Xbox 360 units (up 35% y-o-y), and 195,000 PS3 units (up 18% y-o-y). He noted that Wii sales "should increase due to the May introduction of the new bundle. Xbox 360 sales should be up due to the introduction of a new slim version and $50 price cuts on discontinued models. We think that PS3 inventory improved during the month, allowing for a modest pickup in sales. DS sales should continue to decline now that the 3DS has been announced for release before March 31."

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Community3046d ago
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Counter Strike3046d ago

i dont car eif it tops or not i just care about upcoming games like Reach and Black Ops... But well good to M$ but even without the slim 360 allways toped this year Ps3 in the US so im not seeing the point.

Christopher3045d ago

Confused why they wouldn't think the 360 would top PS3 again in the U.S. It's fairly rare that the PS3 beats the 360 in the U.S., even after the price drop.

r1sh123045d ago

The console sales may be positive, but how many people will be trading in the old xbox for the new one?
But this is more to do with the games that have been released,
with the relative success of MW2, I think the 'casual' gamers on the ps3 and 360 are just gonna buy the next call of duty (Black ops).
Other games that have been released, e.g Blur (which I bought) were a complete flop, Blur was better as a beta demo. The full version sucks, and I ended up trading it in.
Red dead is still selling a decent weekly number and I think may gamers are now sticking with only a few games.
Crackdown 2 may have got good reviews, but a few friends bought it and said it becomes repetitive very quickly.
Its not us the gamers, its the terrible games being released.
I only play MW2 because theres nothing else to play.
(multiplayer wise)

dizzleK3046d ago

no surprise on declining game sales, i used to buy a ton of games but i haven't bought any new titles in ages. they're just not worth $60 anymore. i've been picking up everything either used or cheap. crackdown 2 is probably the only new game i'll end up buying all summer.

Christopher3045d ago

There are tons of games worth $60, just not many as compared to October-February. Those were some bat-shit insane months for gaming in general, now people are in a lull waiting for things to kick back up in September.

Imperator3045d ago

So you don't buy new games becuase they're not worth it yet you're going to buy a game with so many negative reviews? A rushed, unpolished, boring product? Wow. Personally, I've been buying a lot of great games, particularly PS3 exclusives. It's bee a great year for PS3 owenrs. On the 360 side there's ME2.. but that was multiplat. And I guess Alan Wake was ok but that's about it. Kinda empty.

trounbyfire3046d ago (Edited 3046d ago )

we all know that because of crap ports on ps3 most gamers buy multiplats for the 360 second the american gaming media sites are full of 360 fanboys i could go from G4, gametrailers, shacknews,ign,gamespot, giantbomb,kotaku, destructoid and more

even when the ps3 is the lead console most reviewers still request the 360 copy which is why 360 reviews come out earlier than ps3 reviews

Strikepackage Bravo3045d ago

That is not true, the media outlets tend to request the PS3 copys when ever possible, most likely to shut up idiot PS3 fanboys like yourself; however in most cases the devs are not confident enuff in the PS3 versions of their games to be showing them off for review.

This ofcoarse is due to the poor performance of the cell in running game code, keep in mind PS3 was created as a bluray player first and foremost.

trounbyfire3045d ago (Edited 3045d ago )

you blame the cell for crappy ports and you look down your nose at me, atleast i know facts and not spew propaganda like you

now the big sites like G4 abbie, patrick, morgan, kevin(fuuny guy though), blair(pc and 360) not to mention all the people behind the scenes that you see every so often.

ask if they are fanboy and they say no i play ps3 exclusive so i can't be a fanboy thats stupid but i play everything else on 360 even if its better on ps3 and even pc in the case of dragon age.

they love the 360 and thats cool but they take major crap on the ps3 take PS+ they didn't even wait to see the rest of the month and the next month. before it came out the hated it for no reason besides the obligatory " ITS NOT LIVE" bs

gtsentry3045d ago

how about gamers buy ps3 and xbox 360 n have fun with both of dem..half of fanboys only have 1 of the 2 and sey there's is better

The real killer3045d ago

Re-purse from old 360 users, all they want a new 360S and i'm one of them.

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