Xbox 360 Slim Beats PS3 Slim in Heat Tests Multiple Times

B. Thompson: "After doing a test to compare both the PS3 and new Xbox 360 S model two weeks ago, we got a lot of feedback that was both positive and negative. More than a few emails and comments criticized our choice to use a 160 GB PS3 (fat) model in our tests instead of using the newer slim model. In order to ensure the test did offer consistent and precise results, we decided to have both Craig Hasselback and myself (The Brandon Arthur Thompson Esquire) handle five separate tests over a week’s time. The goal was to determine whether or not the results were in fact flawed and also to see if a different outcome would come about using the newer PS3 slim."

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ReBurn3025d ago (Edited 3025d ago )

It's good to know that heat from the internal components in both the 360 and the PS3 has been dealt with in the redesigned models. I find it frustrating that the costly launch models of the 360 and PS3 experienced heat-related issues they way they did, regardless of which one was worse.

I think that people can now feel better about their new console purchases, regardless of what consoles they choose to buy.

And remember to provide proper ventilation, no matter what.

EDIT: Looks like there are people who believe that the article somehow discredits Sony, but it doesn't. Personally I find it good that a console would shut itself down rather than just sit there and fry. But I guess some people just can't get beyond that. The PS3 turning itself off first doesn't indicate a problem. To me it indicates a great design decision on Sony's part.

Both redesigns are good for the industry and will keep people interested for longer, translating into more games to play.

FangBlade3025d ago (Edited 3025d ago )

No charts, no pics, no data, nothing.
How can we know these tests are for real?

astar1234567893025d ago

well said, look and one prints money to, with out facts then this is lame and it should never have been put up, but then again is N4G this is a joke any way

Folezicle3025d ago

And also Sony win at anything

ExplosionSauce3025d ago

I don't know whether to trust or not. Their history isn't the greatest. Although it'd be nice if true.
But like FangBlade said, there's no data or evidence this actually happened.

Pennywise3025d ago is the absolute LAST site I would ever take any kind of information from. Think about it.

D4RkNIKON3025d ago (Edited 3025d ago )

till I see some proof, I will file this under Bullsh**

Trebius3025d ago

It's too little too late ...

Maybe they should've released a GOOD 360 the first time around instead of waiting til NOW.

zootang3025d ago

So this proves that the PS3 can handle heat better?

Menech3025d ago (Edited 3025d ago )

Lol am sure if the results had a been the other way, the same people saying there is no proof but be acting like melodramatic lady boys going "shake my head Microsoft"

I mean looking at the design of the new 360s it's easy to see it has better ventilation then the PS3 slim, cry about it all you want doesn't change facts.

NeoBasch3025d ago

What I don't get is why the headline makes this article out to be as if Microsoft has finally conquered Sony. I mean, really, they're comparing the 360 S to the PS3 Phat. Not a real fair comparison, considering that you should only be comparing recent products: Xbox S vs. PS3 Slim. Besides, who cares, as long as the systems don't shut down prematurely and can handle moderate heat from 5-7 hour gaming sessions, then I'm not too worried. Anything beyond that doesn't matter to me. It's good enough.

morganfell3025d ago

They are already flawed because the writer fails to comprehend that giving off less heat in no way equates to the ability to tolerate the heat produced by the unit itself. The original 360 didn't produce a great amount of heat and yet it couldn't tolerate that little degree.

Try sticking them both in an enclosed space...

Look at the history of these retards from goawayfanboy. Remember this idiotic article?

Android is the platform of choice for Sony. Look at the Xperia X10. I think these morons create articles in the same manner in which the Weekly World News generates headlines such as "Baby with Alien Head Wins NACAR Race!" Their articles are nothing more than random words on squares of paper drawn from a hat and asssembled into a sentence. Same with gofanboy articles.

And BTW, it's easy top watch them lean...

Folezicle3025d ago (Edited 3025d ago )

Wow you guys are not open-minded, I hope you understood I was joking. Kids need to grow up

Jack Klugman3025d ago

morgan: you mad? you sound mad. you always seem to have big problems and voice all your concerns when the ps3 is on the short end.

the ps3 heats up quicker and shuts itself off while you can continue to play the 360s.. just accept it.

Newtype3025d ago

well yeah, sony has a deal with Google at the moment. droid on their bravias, most likely their phones next.

morganfell3025d ago

It will be interesting to see what the rest of the Sony/Google deal provides when the details are shaken loose.

yippiechicken3025d ago

Now THAT would have been a hell of a race to watch!


Kill Crow3025d ago

reminds me of the time Darkride44 did some namby metacritic comparison and didn't show any working whatsoever, a ps3 fan boy posting ps3 fanboy news ... lol ... swings and roundabouts

Cherchez La Ghost3025d ago

The air vent is right over the motherboard. MS should have done that from the beginning since you have most gamers who can go for hours on their consoles.

masterofpwnage3025d ago

is the worst site for this kind of information. not reliable.


Because is GoFanboy.

The articles from them always are flamebait and don't have evidence. And always is reported.

sikbeta3025d ago

Come On PEOPLE!!! Don't you SEE THERE?

this is an "article" if anyone dare to call article to the piece of garbage coming from, the Worst flamebait nonsense "articles" come from that site, remember this:

BAN this site, NOW!!!

HolyOrangeCows3025d ago

Even if it is true...who cares? With the 360S's weak X-clamp and such, it doesn't NEED as much heat to have problems.

GWAVE3025d ago

So now hardware reliability matters all of a sudden, when before it was "Oh, the hardware is crap but 360 has teh best games!!!"

Not that I trust any test conducted by Gofanboy anyway, but...

pustulio3025d ago

PS3 fanboys are hilarious.

You always lose ALWAYS and ALWAYS come up with lame excuses.

I really don't care wich one heats faster my both consoles are well ventilated and none of them haved ever RROD or YLOD.

OSU_Gamer3025d ago (Edited 3025d ago )

Lol at all the people asking for charts, pics and data. I agree that I don't trust them because none of this is shown, but if this was the same article talking about how the PS3 beats the 360 in heat tests, no one would be asking for those thing.


Seriously...lets be honest at least.

Dee_913025d ago

if it came from a more trusted site we would believe it

but thats the site that said gt5 failed because of forza 3
anything they say is invalid to me
i didnt even click the link

theonlylolking3025d ago

because a person on the internet told us so.

jakethemuss3025d ago

This site placed the ps3 in a sauna and it never shutdown. I have never seen a ps3 shutdown due to heat issues.

HDgamer3024d ago

The site is named gofanboy. So you should believe it just like you should believe in the US economy to get better by the end of the day. /s

Heisenberg3024d ago

Than back the data up... Show us. Otherwise it's just hearsay from a site called gofanboy.

llMurcielagoll3024d ago

It is really simple FangBlade, just act like a crazed Xbox fanboy who really hates anything that is not xbox 360 lol xP

AngryTypingGuy3024d ago

"No charts, no pics, no data, nothing.
How can we know these tests are for real?" -- I bet you guys would have an easier time believing the results if they favored Sony, but apparently you guys simply refuse to believe this article because it actually says something good about Xbox.

Spydiggity3024d ago (Edited 3024d ago )

funny...i'd think any site with the word fanboy in the title would appeal greatly to the masses on n4g.
@typingguy: EXACTLY

Montrealien3024d ago

more importantly, how does the 1 bubble get a well said with 124 agree, and and 4 bubble ReBurn's fair and unbiased comment get 44 agrees.

strange things are afoot on N4G.

anyways, Well said reburn.


PLAYstar3024d ago

Even if it does.. So? The 360s still bricks regularly.

AngryTypingGuy3024d ago

That's weird PlayStar, mine doesn't. From what I hear, the PS3 has its fair share of bricking too.

Shepherd 2143024d ago

Im willing to bet that people like you wouldnt except the truth even if this was published by IGN, EGM, GameInformer, etc.

Bloodraid3024d ago

Even if there are no pics data or anything that proves these tests to be true, what difference does it make?

Does the fact that the PS3 gets hotter than the 360 affect the games that are produced for it or something? Or maybe it has something to do with the failure rate of the console?

evrfighter3024d ago (Edited 3024d ago )

wow it seems the only people affected by this news are the ps3 fanboys.

Ps3 & 360 gamers don't care. 360 fanboys aren't really taking this news as smoking gun news I just see them poking fun at the other camp. Yet the ps3 fanboy's are acting as if the world is ending.

commodore643024d ago Show
AngryTypingGuy3023d ago (Edited 3023d ago )

Commodore64, great comment!

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ReBurn3025d ago

That's what I take away from it. I think that most reasonable people would, but unfortunately too many will only read the title and assume Sony bashing.

I think it's good that Sony isn't taking chances with the heat and shuts the system down before damage can occur. But it's also good that new 360's will shut themselves down to self-preserve, too.

Menech3025d ago (Edited 3025d ago )

To be honest no most reasonable people would see the PS3 slim has way less ventilation just looking at the design tells you that.

Thus the PS3 slim got hotter quicker and shut it's self down to prevent damage which is a good thing but it doesn't change the fact the PS3 gets hotter quicker.

Maybe you should try taking you fanboy goggles off from time to time the world you live in may make more sense.

Edit: And the people disagreeing are complete and utter morons, go look at how many air vents your beloved PS3 slim has in comparison to the 360s.

ReBurn3025d ago

If you would please clarify, am I a PS3 fanboy or a 360 fanboy? Because I think that I was saying that the redesigns are good for both 360 and PS3 when it comes to heat management.

And just so everyone will know, what is the internal temperature that the each console must reach before it shuts itself down? And how long will it run at that temperature before doing so? Are the redesigned consoles built to shut down at exactly the same internal temperature?

I don't think I'm the one with fanboy goggles on. But it might just be the goggles preventing me from seeing that, so perhaps you are correct.

logikil3025d ago


When I read the comment I wasn't sure who he was calling a fanboy either. Frankly I still can't figure it out. In any event I thought your post was neutral and very welcome. Having both a new 360 and a PS3 slim, I think both redesigns are great and look good sitting side by side.

ThaGeNeCySt3025d ago

LOL @ calling ReBurn OF ALL PEOPLE, a fanboy.

Everyone is just in ATTACK mode when an opinion doesn't match their own. What happened to meaningful discussion?

IcarusOne3024d ago

When has there ever been "meaningful discussion" on n4g?

joydestroy3024d ago

i think the majority are looking at this article wrong. instead of looking at it as a "PS3 vs Xbox" article, what this really sheds some light on is the fact that M$ FINALLY made a reliable console lol

cliffbo3024d ago


actually its the 360s that shuts down not the ps3 the ps3 spins the fan faster to dissipate the heat but this rarely happens.

incidentally the power brick on the 360s also has a shut down feature.

Statix3024d ago (Edited 3024d ago )

We STILL aren't even sure Microsoft has finally put out a working piece of hardware.

Just because they compared old PS3's they had lying around to brand-new Xbox 360 S's that they just recently bought, is no indicator that the new 360's are reliable in the LONG TERM. LONG TERM reliability is what matters here; the Xbox 360 S is still newly manufactured hardware, only a month old. What happens if in a year, many 360 S's start dying after some long-term, extended use?

The more I think about it, the biased this GoFanboy "study" is. They're probably so biased, that they used old PS3 Slims they had lying around, and compared it with BRAND NEW Xbox 360 S's that they just bought last month or less.

Now even if you are a PS3 hater, you try to tell me with a straight face that that's even remotely a fair test/comparison.

aaronisbla3024d ago

i cant ever recall ReBurn being a fanboy of any side, Menech on the other hand is

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darx3025d ago

Hardcore Sony fans need to get a life. To actually care which system handles the heat better is beyond me.

MysticStrummer3025d ago

LOL It's the MS fans that are driving this article, so who cares more about the heat issue? It should be the MS fans, since MS waited for this generation to be about 3/4 of the way done to release a console that can handle it's own heat.

Statix3024d ago

This article wasn't done by "Hardcore Sony fans." It was done by the writer who is probably an Xbox fan (look at his past articles).

This test is probably so biased, that they took old PS3 Slims they had lying around that are probably several months old, and compared it to brand-new Xbox 360 S's that they bought last month or less. So freaking BIASED.

Socrates3024d ago

"It's the MS fans that are driving this article"

Really? I see about 85% PS3 fanboys in this article. So I'd say it is being driven by PS3 fanboys who can't stand that the results were favorable for the 360.

MRMagoo1233024d ago

waaaaaaaa! there are ps3 fans waaaaaa! why wouldnt there be its the best console out its makes sense there would be fans shut up crying about and it gtfo

Pistolero3024d ago

the ps3 fans act like a-holes though...that is the problem.
the wii and 360 fans are not nearly as hateful and irrational as ps3 go cry in a corner because you ps3 fans make such a bad name for have nobody to blame but yourselves.

Lyr1c3024d ago

Are you serious? Now I'm not one to pick fights...but...That is probably the most idiotic thing ANYONE has posted under this article....

Nintendo fanboys are probably the least aggressive, Sony fanboys can act like a$$holes sometimes, but Microsoft's fanboys are the most childish, ignorant, offensive people on the internet. Ok, if there's an article demeaning Sony, then yes, Sony fanboys will reply negatively but when you look at the other side, its much, much worse. Microsoft fanboys will bash anything positive about Sony, including games, deals, new features, ANYTHING. You don't see Sony bashing anything positive about the xbox do you? They simply point out it's flaws and call a faulty article when they see one.

Don't lie to yourself. It'll only make you more ignorant.

darx3024d ago

I own all 3 and Sony fannies by far are the worst of the 3!

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mac_sparrow3025d ago

heat can definitely be an issue but outside factors contribute too. I was using my PS3 yesterday in a 32 degrees C room. It was on for approximately 9 hours non stop as I downloaded some files, watched a movie, and then played online with a friend.
The air coming out of the back could have grilled a chicken but the gameplay never suffered for a second.

Not saying they don't over heat but that's damn good going in my eyes

moparful993024d ago

My slim has never overheated and shut iteself off. So I dont know how they got those results.. My older launch 60g was really prone to overheating this past year because of how much dirt had accumulated inside of the machine.. I took it apart and cleaned it all out and it made a big difference..

OSU_Gamer3025d ago (Edited 3025d ago )

wrong spot

evilmonkey5013025d ago

I laughed at that in the ARTICLE! The ps3 shuts itself off sooner at a lower temperature as not to damage it internally. I will take Sony designed hardware over Microsoft designed hardware any day.

gatormatt803025d ago (Edited 3025d ago )

The four 360 S models were either brand new or just a few weeks old. How old were the PS3 slims, because they have been redesigned again inside with smaller components, were they brand new also ??

pixelsword3024d ago

I don't trust, especially for their hugely flaming articles, so just mark this articla as fake and wait until a neutral site conducts the test.

gtamike3024d ago (Edited 3024d ago )

but yet 360 is more likey to die first.
odd the new 360 still gets RROD (Red dot)

pixelsword3024d ago (Edited 3024d ago )

The article is stating that the PS3 slims shutdown first when heated up; shutting down first isn't an indicator of anything.

As a matter of fact, from either article they never actually stated that they ran the 360 slims until they shut down, they just say the PS3 shut down first, and from this article that the fat 360 RRoD'.

If people buy off of this article and the article is wrong, they might be sued, and N4G will have the article's gist on record.

n4gno3024d ago

"I find it frustrating that the costly launch models of the 360 and PS3 experienced heat-related issues they way they did, regardless of which one was worse. "

Lol, kotaku can't do better to ignore that xbox had/has (?) real (the biggest of all time) problem, ps3, just nothing more than anything in electronic.