Five games that should be on XBLA

Microsoft is always adding new games to the Xbox Live Arcade on the 360 from the older generations of gaming. Whether they be remakes such as Perfect Dark or simple ports like Streets of Rage 2, these older games have become a cornerstone of the XBLA. Here is a list of five games that are not currently available but would be a perfect fit for the Xbox Live Arcade.

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Yi-Long3046d ago

...I'll drop my 2 cents into the opinion-plate:

- Superfrog. Great classic Amiga platformer. Would love a HD-remake.

- Desert Strike. Great game. However, gameplay might feel a bit too outdated and 'stiff' nowadays, so could use a completely new version with new gameplay and graphics etc. Premise should stay the same.

- Turrican HD. The best side-scrolling shooter from the C64/Amiga era. Didn't really care about the Megadrive/SNES versions though. The Amiga version was hands down the best. Great music as well.

MorganX3046d ago (Edited 3046d ago )

Did you say Amiga? Then I say Obliterator!!!