Wedbush Morgan/EEDAR June 2010 NPD predictions

Wedbush Morgan and the EEDAR have provided their estimates for the June 2010 NPD sales data.

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Valay3115d ago

If this holds true, then hardware sales will be up this month.

PR0X13115d ago

Wedbush Morgan

DS – 450K
Wii – 400K
Xbox 360 – 325K
PS3 – 195K
PSP – 85K
PS2 – 40K


DS -435K
Wii – 375K
Xbox 360 – 350K
PS3 – 185K
PSP – 75K

Sony should make PS4 asap!!!

SuperStrokey11233115d ago (Edited 3115d ago )

Why would they need to spin anything? The new 360 came out this month, if it didnt have a surge in sales it would have been really really odd. Either way i still expected the 360 to do better than that. When teh PS3 slim came out in september it sold nearly 500k, these 360 numbers are no where near that.

Ok who disagreed with this and why? These are facts

mikeslemonade3115d ago

Only the blind buy the 360. That's why I'm getting lasik today to correct my vision. Hopefully I don't make future mistakes.

gtsentry3115d ago

your saying it like these are the official numbers

Death3115d ago

September/October mark the beggining of holiday sales. Summer time always sees lower sales numbers. This is why we always see hardware launched in the fall.


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ReBurn3115d ago

I hope that we see an uptick in overall console sales. More consoles sold equals more new games to play.

Projekt7tuning3115d ago (Edited 3115d ago )

@ ReBurn
bubble up to you Bud.
That was one of the most Un-Fanboy comments I have seen on N4G in a wile.
Spoken like a true gamer. I wish more people would be that way on here.

Game companies have been relatively safe from the recession. I think more people would want to spend there money on a good game, than have to pay to go out for entertainment. I hope they all have a strong summer, so more developers decide to green light more new projects.

LeonSKennedy4Life3115d ago


90% of people who are buying the new 360 already own a 360.

You people sicken me.

logikil3115d ago

Wow dude, so what? You think that when the PS3 slim initially released that a lot of the folks who bought those weren't people who already owned PS3's? I know I was.

absolutecarnage3115d ago

So explain too me then what about the ps3 slim then, What your telling me after that comment that previous ps3 owners didn't buy one, Your comment sickens me,

SuperStrokey11233115d ago

What difference does it make to you at all? If i had an old 360 and played it lots i would upgrade to the new one too as its got new features and its less likely to break.

Either way i dont see how someone buying something should really matter to you at all.

Projekt7tuning3115d ago (Edited 3115d ago )

@ LeonSKennedy4Life
Dude what the hell? Where were you when the PS3 slim came out and owners of the Fat were all saying "Day one buy for me" or "Im going to buy one for my living room, bedroom, whatever". Your a hypocrite. Why does it bother you so much if someone decides to buy the 360 slim. People buy the latest and greatest all the time. Look at all the people who buy every version of Iphone or Ipod. Is this going to directly effect you? Is a Microsoft employee going to walk up and slap you every time someone with an old 20gig pro buys one.
If I didn't get an Elite recently from MS when my 20gig Pro died, I would have bought one.
I didn't buy a PS3 slim because I have a launch 60gig that's able to play all my old games.
So go back to your bridge and STFU!

Fel083115d ago

"90% of people who are buying the new 360 already own a 360."

And when the PS3 Slim came out, I was one of them hundreds of people who bought one just to replace my fat PS3!! So ur attempt to attack the 360 FAILS!!!

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gtsentry3115d ago

when is the official results comin out

lelo2play3115d ago (Edited 3115d ago )


I think it always comes out in the second (or third) Thursday of the month.

postofficebuddy3115d ago

It's the the second Thursday after the accounting period ends, which is July 3rd. I'm actually rather surprised they're getting it out on time since we just got May's numbers a week and a half ago.

SuperStrokey11233115d ago

Numbers look pretty accurate to me. I was kinda expecting higher 360 numbers though.

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