70° Racquet Sports Move Hands-On Preview "Gaming Union were fortunate enough to be invited to the Ubisoft Summer Showcase last week and one of the games being shown off was Racquet Sports using PlayStation Move.

Racquet Sports was released as a Nintendo Wii title in March of this year and utilised Wii MotionPlus as well as the Ubisoft Motion Tracking Camera, so porting the title to the PS3 seemed like a perfect fit. Perhaps the quality of the game could even be improved, as it received very lukewarm reviews upon its release."

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mephman3072d ago

Yea, there is certainly a lot of room for improvement.

Selyah3072d ago

I'm more concerned that Wii titles are already being ported.

Sanrin3072d ago

...motion controls. Even if they sort this games technical issues, I doubt it'll be fun anyway.

mephman3072d ago

I don't know, I think there's a place for motion controls - they just have to be done correctly.

fooltheman3072d ago

ubisoft develops better when they don't need the worry about a controller?

mac4u103072d ago

I was excited hearing about this game coming to the ps3, but after reading that my excitement has deemed, if the controls are that bad.. isnt the move controls ment to be suproir than that of wii.

Anyway I have preordered two move controllers and start the party to get me going.

jneul3071d ago

sports champions has already gotten good feedback and all ps move functionality worked perfectly there, you only have to setup the ps controller to the style you want and as long as you want to keep the setup the same you do not have to re-setup the controls again during gameplay.
I am putting this down to the developer themselves I bet they thought they could get away with keeping the code for wii motion plus, lazy devs...

n4gno3072d ago

If you start to believe all the biased gameblogs, with young writters (not journalists) even when serious one told you it's accurate, 1:1, no lag, etc, you are dead.

jneul3071d ago

this is a wii port and it sounds like sports champions is the best demonstration what the move can really do, it looks like the dev's have not even bothered to look at how move works differenty to the wiimote which is probably why when you get it in your hand it just does not work right, this is down to bad coding

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