Best of Collector's Editions 2010 (so far)

Videogameszone have chosen their favorite collector's editions of this year's video games ... so far. God of War 3, Bioshock 2 and Splinter Cell Conviction are the top-3 favorites.

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Paradicia3072d ago

Ubisoft sure know how to make Collectors Editions.

outrageous3072d ago (Edited 3072d ago )

I have the Alan Wake one and it's of a very high quality. I would love to have the Splinter Cell one. I have the regular game. Maybe it will be really cheap by now. One of the best games this gen.

Alan Wake was a great buy. The game will make a great franchise.

Perjoss3072d ago

Starcraft 2 expensive edition will be great, blizzard art books are just amazing, if you ever bought a bliz collectors edition you will know what i mean :)

CadDad3072d ago

I picked up the Bioshock 2 collectors at best buy for $65.99 about 2 months after release of the game. I thought it was one of the better collector's editions I've ever purchased.


Gazman3072d ago

Halo: Reach Legendary Edition is most likely going to be the next collecor's edition I buy.

3072d ago
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