Kinect a 'touchless touchscreen' says Acclaim founder

Yoostar 2, a game described as movie karaoke, is the latest effort from the Yoostar Group.

After our time with the game we caught up with Acclaim founder and Yoostar Group CEO Greg Fischbach and quizzed him on the Kinect technology used to put the gamers into the game.

"I saw Microsoft and Spielberg introduce Kinect at E3 in June of last year. I thought 'this is real innovation going on here,' and we thought we could learn to use gesture technology in a lot other applications too, in terms of how we move things on screen. When I'm describing it to a friend I call it a 'touchless touchscreen' because people sometimes don't get it. But the ability to move something on the screen, that dynamic is so much different than anything we've ever seen before. It makes Kinect very interesting in terms of technology

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Omega43072d ago (Edited 3072d ago )

"[The PS3 version] works basically the same way, the difference is that it uses the motion controller over the joypad, whereas this game only uses gesture and speech technology to control it"

I thought the PSEye had speech recognition :S

Can't be very good if devs are choosing not to use it

Hyrius3072d ago (Edited 3072d ago )

It has.

Nice troll attempt.

wazzim3072d ago

PSeye is a really good tech, almost the same as Kinect in concept. It only misses full 3D tracking and support if the lights are off.

D4RkNIKON3072d ago

wazzim, the lights can be off for Move. That is what the glowing orbs are good for.

FragMnTagM3072d ago

he was specifically referring to the PSEYE, not the Move.

cellypower3072d ago (Edited 3072d ago )

Dude, speech recognition can be used with any headset mic or microphone and eye toy has a mic. Speech recognition tech is software based.

IdleLeeSiuLung3072d ago (Edited 3072d ago )

For the most part though it is software related! ... and like any software it is dependent on the developer of said software for it's success:

a) is the API is easy to use?

b) quality of said voice recognition (arguably the most important reason)

Baka-akaB3072d ago

stop being so stupid , even the n64 had voice recognition and games using it . What's next claiming microsoft will reinvent the wheel ?

bjornbear3072d ago

thats ancient tech.

how about precision and good games? isn't that slightly more important to you as a gamer?

oh your not a gamer your a fanboy, sorry i mixed you up wit someone else.

Baka-akaB3072d ago (Edited 3072d ago )

bah he obviously didnt even touch a DS in his life ... too busy being smitten by the idea of launching a movie slower than with a pad or remote .

Show me actual gaming related feat , and then i'll care . Not some shiny tool for overweight espn fans

IdleLeeSiuLung3072d ago (Edited 3072d ago )

I had voice recognition on my Sound Blaster 16 (PC Sound card) about 15-years ago. The difference was that voice recognition back then was crappy.

It's about the quality of said voice recognition, not if it is available. That's like saying HDTV are crap since I had black and white TV back in the 50's!

Folezicle3072d ago (Edited 3072d ago )

Your wrong mate Sony would never lie, they always under-hype stuff. Unlike M$ or should I say Micro & Soft, Sony don't do it for the money, they're giving out Move to the poor kids in Africa, whilst Microsoft sell their Kinect for billions and it will fail because I know the future, and it is a piece of crap anyway.. I know because I haven't played it, and that M$ site is full of lies, but Sony's isn't because Sony added the blu-ray player (you should get it for the blu-ray player even if you already have an ld blu-ray player) at no extra cost.. And all your exclusives suck because your on Xbox, and I haven't played them because I only play good games (which only come to the PS3.) Oh and u have to pay $7 a month hahahahahahaha! SOO much money you can buy a McDonalds meal with that.. Oh and the new Xbox Slim still gets millions of red rings, hahahahaha! Yeh and you know Sony sent a rocket ship and found a PS3 on an alien planet, thats how advanced the technology is. And the Move is better than the Kinect, who cares if neither of them have got negative feedback, We all know that Kinect sucks because its not Sony, and it copied all the ideas off the Eye-Toy, Move though is a fresh idea. SonySoldiers unite! Let us do what our masters want, and give them more free advertisement

Maybe if i add more mis-spelt words and bad grammer I can pass off as an ignorant 12 year old. I don't mind 12 year olds that are smart and realise that both consoles are good, but I hate fan-boys.

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Chaostar3072d ago (Edited 3072d ago )

"I'm a tech-junkie," said Fischbach. "I have an iPad, an iPod, an iPhone, and I think the gesture technology is really cool."

Lol they're all basically the same thing in different sizes.

On Topic:

Edit: lol the guy in the video has HD-DVDs.

wicked3072d ago

Why would he throw his HD-DVD's away just because he now also has a blu-ray player? Do they suddenly stop working?

Chaostar3072d ago

I was laughing at the fact he bought one in the first place.

IdleLeeSiuLung3072d ago

I bought an HD-DVD drive for the 360. Actually I bought two, after the format failed in the bargain bin.

I paid like $20 for each drive and each drive gave me 5-6 movies to boot. I now have a collection of probably 12 or so HD-DVD movies. The external HD-DVD drive doubles as a PC external DVD-Rom drive.

Why would I throw that out?

Obama3072d ago

Can you buy any new HD-DVD movies? Can you find any in major retail stores? Guess not.

PITTBULL833072d ago (Edited 3072d ago )

very true about the APPLE monopoly, I also have an HD-DVD player for my original XBOX 360 BUT my wife bought it for me when it was only 20 dollars at WALMART, i wasn't going to spend 200 dollars on that add-on.

ON TOPIC.....This game looks like it could be really fun for both systems.


tdrules3072d ago

touchscreen - touch = screen


3072d ago
TEFL0N_D0N_813072d ago

The PS Eye only has one camera, hence it can only seen in mono-vision. It cannot tell depth. The Move scheme gets around this by using the glowing ball to tell distance depending on the size of the ball. Pretty smart way to go about it.

The Kinect mimics our own senses by having two cameras, creating stereo vision, giving it depth perception. Another smart way too, but much harder to implement. The point is, Kinect is not a copy of PS Eye. Anyone disagreeing needs to go get an education.

It seems that the Kinect should have stayed in development a little longer. The concept is awesome, but short of a 'Minority Report (should watch the movie)' control scheme, it's still somewhat limited to simple interfaces for games. This is probably why we've only seen simple casual games so far (except maybe some racing games). To play an FPS with Kinect, they'll have to designate a separate gesture for a running command. Like maybe slapping your own face or something.

jack_burt0n3072d ago

LMAO, yeah but mr cruise had buttons.

strickers3072d ago

That does not change the basic similarities in gameplay between PSEye and Kinect.That's common sense,you either have it or you don't,education only does so much.
To the people talking about voice control.PSEye has a 4 way array of noise cancelling mics and did it way before Kinect/Wiispeak and PS3 has voice control of Singstar and has had it for months.

TEFL0N_D0N_813072d ago

well then, where do you want to start? With the invention of the camera? How about the evolution of the single eye? Get of Sony's dick man. You're so on that shit that you're almost in it. There's almost nothing out there today that isn't based off a previous invention. Sony tech is definitely not the first in anything, and neither is Microsoft tech.

Two cameras do make a big difference. How'd you like to lose one eye and go play basketball? Let's see how many shots you make.

Smootherkuzz3072d ago

With the Processing power of the Xbox 360 and the Processing power of the Kinect I think this is why it falls short of whats needed to deliver the minority report effects for games.I think alot of processing power is needed also video power.But being where games are right now I think it will do well(we all like new toys).The next Generation of consoles we will see even more towards minority report type stuff, for now it is what it is(check out PrimeSense site).they make the processor in the Kinect. I can see improvement on the next IC to do more.You know the PS3 would have been a better console right now for the Kinect because of its processing power but its a shame Sony is holding it back by only using minimal cores maybe its to keep the price down but what a waste can you think what this system could be if they opened it up.

TEFL0N_D0N_813072d ago

You're probably right. The Cell design is probably better suited to handle this. But Sony went with the Move. Initially I think Move will showcase much better games, but down the road who know what they'll come up with. I won't get move because I like the PS3 set up just the way it is. I'll probably get the new Raven controller if anything. As for Kinect, I might get it for the cool Xbox dashboard interface, but I won't lie to myself and think that the games will be bad ass. At least not anytime soon.

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