Activision Faces All-New Allegations

Ex: Activision faces all-new allegations over its conduct earlier in the year, with nearly 40 of its former Infinity Ward staff now accusing the publisher of routinely ‘interrogating’ the studio’s workers.

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Neco5123019d ago

IW is gonna walk away with nothing

killyourfm3019d ago

NO, hopefully whatever shell of a team is left gets a windfall.

Baka-akaB3019d ago (Edited 3019d ago )

nope if they actually got a legit claims , activision will be found guilty .
What activision is most likely doing , will be delaying it as much as possible , and hoping to force a settlement with a bunch of lawsuit tired ex employées.

Whatever was due would be offset by it's numerous other games anyway .

Karl Marx3019d ago

You kidding me? The courts would lick Executives buttholes if they could. There is no way IW will win, Activi$ion has the money man.

Baka-akaB3019d ago

cynism bullcrap as usual . Bigger corp than activion get caught and cough money for less , they just obvious tire you out till you've got enough and settle . Or delay as much as possible the inevitable loss .

Inside_out3019d ago

I'm with Activision on this one. The company has a right to manage and a right to protect it's IP's. IW was planning on shopping the game to another publisher ( EA ) and thought Activision would let them walk away with the franchise. If Activision wins this court case, I expect Respawn will not be able to make a FPS or compete against an Activision shooter for 5 years. This will effect ALL developers and hurt up and coming developers the most. They will have to sign contracts as thick as a phone book now...thank IW.

Newtype3019d ago

It's like 1984 at Activision.

joypads3019d ago

greed is a disease,once you go down that ugly route you start to FALL.

Akagi3019d ago

No surprise there, really.

ReBurn3019d ago

If the deadlines were indeed met and Activision didn't pay the bonuses then I would certainly sue. But this article makes it sound as if people were expecting bonuses whether they met their deadlines or not. I'm sure I'll get a ton of flack for this, but at every company I've ever worked for bonuses were dependent upon meeting performance milestones. If you don't hit the date, you lose the bonus.

I hope that the folks at Infinity Ward get what they deserve.

Baka-akaB3019d ago (Edited 3019d ago )

even so , how could anyone pretend they didnt meet those milestones ? There has been no delay on any cod games , they get out on a way too regular basis (to the point of being junk), and they meet ginormeous commercial success .

Motion3019d ago

Guess you've never worked for the big banks :p

JustTheFactsMr3019d ago

" If you don't hit the date, you lose the bonus. "

Sure but if you don't control the final decisions that effect the date then it comes down what the other party is doing.

Did Activision intentionally cause a "failure" in order to avoid paying bonuses.

Infinity Ward. We are almost finished the dedicated server code.

Activision. Don't do anything until we get back to you on that. 3 months later. Oh we decided to do player-hosted only.

There is a certain expectation on both sides to honor the spirit of the deal. Imagine that's the heart of this case.

ReBurn3019d ago

I wish there was more visibility into what's really happening. I hate to see hard-working people get screwed over for the sake of a businesses bottom line. I work for a software company and I see it all the time. My team has taken hits because even though release dates were hit the internal deliverables slipped, and not always because of something my team could have controlled.

I just hope that the people at Infinity Ward have a contract that outlines the terms of payment, because it's really tough to prove a verbal contract. I feel bad for those guys because I know how hard they had to work.

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