Remedy blames “very competitive window” for Wake figures, insists IP has “legs”

VG247: Remedy head of franchise Oskari Hakkinen has told VG247 that Alan Wake faced stiff opposition and “extremely aggressive marketing” from rival games in its May launch month, following last week’s NPD numbers showing low US sales for the thriller.

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FangBlade3111d ago

After 5 years of development, you cant blame no one but yourself.
Now stfu and go back to the drawing board.

Celeras3111d ago

Drawing board isn't really necessary, they just chose their market wrong. This would have sold a lot better if it were on the Ps3.

Conloles3111d ago

I blame not developing for PC, and being restricted to subpar power.

Venatus-Deus3111d ago (Edited 3111d ago )

A small 3rd party developer introducing a new IP that takes 5 years to develop that is only launched on one platform is not a good business model to follow.

Besides... I can't think of any good launch window in 2010, except right now. Hell, back end of 2009 was worst and 2011 looks better that 2010 for games.

Active Reload3111d ago

People, people, people...MS had/has a say in how the franchise is handled. That SAY

sikbeta3111d ago


Please, SHUT UP!


They can blame RDR but they can also blame themselves for killing the PC version, in fact I blame them for Screwing the Survival Horror Fans....

Sitdown3111d ago

Can you explain your logic on that one please?

captain-obvious3111d ago

sounds like a damage control to me

NecrumSlavery3111d ago

This isn't a 360 fanbased genre, should it on PS3 and marketed the he'll our of it in Japan.

Double Toasted3111d ago

I remember anything less than 2 million sold was considered a *flop*. But a certain console's exclusives could barely muster that, so now anything at 1 million is a *success*. Looks like AW is a *flop*, but remember what standards were lowered for who ;)

jeseth3111d ago

They also mentioned how no PS3 owners support their exclusives.

I am surprised by how much 360 fanboys were talking out their @$$ and didn't buy the game that was better than every other PS3 exclusive this year.

Maybe if it was an FPS it would have sold more.

lelo2play3111d ago (Edited 3111d ago )

STFU with your stupid comment "This would have sold a lot better if it were on the Ps3". Just shows how ignorant you are.

In case you don't know, there are exclusive games that sold poorly on the PS3. Just take the example of the last 2 exclusives.... 3d dot game and Modnation Racers or older games like Heavenly Sword, and others. Now everybody could claim "They would have sold more if they were on the X360".

As for Alan Wake, it is a great game and i'm sad it did not sell that well. I hope they make Alan Wake 2.

IdleLeeSiuLung3110d ago

I don't know why people bash Alan Wake so much, but I thoroughly enjoyed the game.

Arguably it had no re-play value after you finish it like twice, so I promptly traded it in... with that said, the Limited Edition of this game was the best I have seen. It included a full developer commentary in game with a little video pop-up while you play. Hands-down the best!

I have a sealed LE in my glass case.

Eddie201013110d ago (Edited 3110d ago )

Might have sold better on PS3 but it wouldn't have been any better than it is now, which is pretty average.

I've played it and it really isn't worth sixty bucks, glad I got it for forty bucks.

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moparful993111d ago

I was excited to try this game because it looked great but after playing it I can say with all honesty that it was "meh". Combat was very uninspired. Using the flashlight as a tool to defeat your enemies intially was cool but wore thin very very quickly, as did the flares. even though the lighting was fantastic it just wasn't enough to carry the game. Then the mechanic of finding notes littered throughout the environment which gives you snippets of the future failed in building tension nor did it answer questions. I dunno I walked away after playing the first chapte feeling very dissatisfied with the whole experience. This is, in my opinion, the reason the game isn't selling well. Not because of the launch window.

Archdemon3111d ago

I haven't played it myself. But from what I've seen I think It could have been so much more.

The flashlight should not be able to damage enemies. Scary/challenge factor increased by 1000000%.

corneliuscrust3111d ago

The flashlight just lowers their defenses. The only things the flashlight can damage are the possessed inanimate objects

M4ndat0ry_1nstall3111d ago

A "very competitive window" is only PART of the reason. Advertising (I have yet to see an AW ad on TV) and lack of interest (due to the length of development) as well as the fanbase, are the major reasons the sales were sub-par.

Remedy and MS didn't push this game enough.

But of course PS3 fanboys will completely forget the many high profile PS3 exclusives (at the time) have suffered a similar fate.

BUT BUT...PS3 exclusives have long legs.

WrAiTh Sp3cTr33111d ago

Your're right about advertising. I have never seen a commercial for AW. Crackdown 2 has more ads than AW.

Corepred43110d ago

"BUT BUT...PS3 exclusives have long legs"
funny thing is ps3 games actually do. funny how Remedy is trying to say the same thing now though, when everyone knows it doesn't. games on the xbox either explode at launch or fizzle out and die quickly.

DigitalAnalog3111d ago

Sucker Punch Productions made inFamous on a "fairly-difficult" console to work upon with a team of 60 people.


One Platform.

3 years in development.

Microsoft has no excuse, they're regarded as marketing-whores and they've failed to deliver on this one. From what I'v seen, they'll prefer to market 3rd party games like COD: MW MUCH more than this. A PC, to PS3 console choice would have been preferable in my opinion.

-End statement

M4ndat0ry_1nstall3111d ago

So the PC and .....PS2? would of been a better choice of platform for Heavenly Sword? At least by your unless logic.

And how would the PS3 be a better platform for AW? You do know the best selling PS3 game is:

1. Multiplatform
2. FPS


DigitalAnalog3110d ago

"So the PC and .....PS2? would of been a better choice of platform for Heavenly Sword? At least by your unless logic."

Apparently, you seem to lost the grasp to the meaning of my comment. I
t would've been prefered that you would say the "Wii would've been a better choice of platform for Heavenly Sword" After all, it was supposed to be an Xbox exclusive, not to mention the console attatch-rate. But then you would see the flaw of that concept immediately as "core-games" do NOT sell that well on the system. Because of that I simply do not understand why you brought up the PS2, was it because it had a 100 million sales? The PS3 (which I recommended) has the lowest of all the console attach-rates nullifies your point.

"And how would the PS3 be a better platform for AW? You do know the best selling PS3 game is:

1. Multiplatform
2. FPS

Take a look at games like Heavy Rain. Despite the constant pre-bashing and underwhelming marketing, it sold very well to warrant another project exclusively for the PS3. Demon's Souls also sold VERY WELL at a time when big-hits like Uncharted 2 and MW2 was out, not to mention the inclusion of R&C. This article complains that Alan-Wake was hammered by RDR when the said PS3 exclusive was competing with a First-party title and an Juggernaut franchise. Another example would be the negativity from PS3 fans itself for the Yakuza 3 port. Yet, it sold well enough for an imminent sequel.

What has "multi-platform" and FPS (that sell well) on the PS3 has anything to do with my comment? I only brought the PS3 or PC up for the fact that if it did went "exclusive" on that direction, the franchise wouldn't be in this poor situation. In other words, there IS a market for a niche in the PS3 industry whether you like it or not.

-End statement

Inside_out3111d ago ShowReplies(2)
NewZealander3111d ago

stop trolling, alan wake is actually very good, its a shame it hasn't sold better.

BX813111d ago

@FangBlade clearly you haven't played the game if this is your response. The time took to develop this game was well spent. They just didn't back it up with well marketing. I personally look forward to another game in the Wake series.

PCnPS3Gamer3111d ago

id say this is a case of a game with no online and alot of gamers considered this a rental. also remedy could have pissed of some pc gamers that were gunna buy it for pc, even though they have a 360.....seems like these days a game has to have online to be popular. remedy could have implaced coop online zombie mood where u. where ur in the creepy forest a waves of scary shit comes at you and you gotta kill it together kinda like horde or firefight with a little twist ofcourse

Independent_Charles3110d ago

i think Alan Wake is a very good game but with out marketing and lauching next to spegetti westwern game was suicide.

Natsu X FairyTail3110d ago

Man , Fangblade you need to stfu. What does the number of years of dev have to do? the game was against a ROCKSTAR MULTIPLATFORM Game . Did you expect it to Sell more than a rockstar Game available on all consoles?


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NYC_Gamer3111d ago

stop making excuses and create better gameplay

dizzleK3111d ago

theres nothing wrong with the gameplay, the average dope would rather just have another reskinned gta. "derp derp it's got alot of shootan in it!"

raWfodog3111d ago

I would have thought that the 'average dope' would rather have another reskinned FPS. Halo, Gears, MW2, KZ3, Resistance, etc., all included.

Chris3993111d ago

You get the occasional rare gem that isn't just another run-of-the-mill bullet/ testosterone fest.

Recently, I was VERY impressed with Raven/ ID's Wolfenstein. The ending was a bit of a let-down, but the game-play, atmosphere and semi open-worldness was really cool.

I might actually pick up Singularity when it drops in price (got Wolfenstein for $20 - on principle, as I'm not a "shooter" guy, that's the most I'll pay for an FPS).

outrageous3110d ago (Edited 3110d ago )

Bright Falls, Rock and Roll capital of America. One of many great moments in Alan Wake. Lots of game play in this clip. Just a small taste of some AW fun.


BTW...the vid does contain spoilers, so be aware for those who have yet to play it. Great game that needs to be played at night, with the lights off and the sound way up.

outrageous3110d ago


Dr Hartman is one of the many memorable characters in Alan Wake. In this clip, Dr Hartman tries to convince AW that it's all a That the last 3 chapters and 6+ hours were a illusion. Of course AW doesn't believe him but plays along to plan his escape. At one point, Alan finds an answering machine with Alice ( AW wife ) talking with Dr Hartman about Alan and his memory loss...yes, it's that deep. Dr Hartman is actually involved in the whole thing and was working with the *SPOILER* kidnapper you meet in the previous chapter. Funny thing...the bandage Dr Hartman has on his nose was when AW punched him in the face in a previous chapter in the police station...something hard to do if you are DREAMING it This is the very begging of chapter 4. There are so many great game play as well as psychological moments in the game it's hard to pick one clip. Later, when the doctor leaves, you make you escape but not before some great gameplay and interactions inside ( wonder what happens to the Doc??? ) as well as outside when good ole Barry shows up. Believe me...this game has it all.

BTW...the game is ( 6 chapters ) 12+++ hours. Saying it would take less is a sure sign you never played the

mrcash3110d ago

If heavy rain sold well, I don't see why wake can't. I love heavy rain, but there's very little gameplay aside from from qte and the short investigating sequences. Wake's gameplay is better and the story quality is on the same level of hr, it wasn't marketed right.

pinkyxyz3110d ago

ps3 gamers love all types of games, their is not a single genre that you can pinpoint on the system that represents that console like FPS does with the 360. beside FPS nearly every other genre sells better on the ps3. does that help answer your question?

chakan3110d ago

And PS3 fans don't buy games...

Anon19743110d ago

In Canada, Alan Wake is still $70 everywhere. I'm not going to spend $70 on 8 hours of gameplay when I can get Demon's Souls for $40 or Red Dead for $50. There's just too many great games for less money.

I fully intend to pick up Alan Wake but I've waited 5 years for it. Another year until the price goes down isn't going to make any difference at this point.

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Hands Up For Games3111d ago

I would agree that Wake has the legs to push the sales of the IP further down the line months after release. Of course it would have come out the starting blocks a lot quicker if MS had decided to you know ... advertise the game on television.

We need more games like this breaking through, so if youve played it and enjoyed it tell your friends, the more people playing Wake, the more chance we have of seeing just WTF Bright Falls has in store for us in Series 2 :)!

raWfodog3111d ago

They're just using this 'very competetive window' as an excuse. I'm not saying the game isn't good or bad (haven't played it yet) but they should have known better than to release it against such potential heavy hitters as Mario or something from Rockstar. They thought it would do good but now they have to justify the sales...

Hands Up For Games3111d ago

Wake had its release date announced at E3. The others you mentioned were announced later, what were Remedy supposed to do, keep delaying it until no games were being released on that day?

Go buy the game, you can get it cheap now anyway (just in time for the free DLC), I highly recommend it :).

raWfodog3111d ago

Release dates have been known to change to better position the title but maybe the fact that it was five years in development prompted them to stick to their annouced release date. Im sure its a good game (got good reviews) and hopefully it'll get better sales as time goes on. Which bears the question, why are games considered 'failures' if they don't sale 1 million+ in the first week or so?

Hands Up For Games3111d ago

Fanboys my friend, they are trying to destroy our favourite past time, one game at a time.

Play the games, not the sales. I guarantee you'll get 10x more fun than any Fanboy ever could!

raWfodog3110d ago

Okami (PS2) was one of the most original and fun games to play but looking at the sales you would think it was crap. Gamers, support original games or be doomed to sequels forever.

Elven63110d ago

Alan Wake had the date first months in advance, keep in mind that Red Dead Redemption was delayed maybe three or four times before they settled on May 18, it would have been gamble either way since there was no guarantee that Red Dead would actually meet the deadline until you were on the verge of release.

Now, Microsoft did move the release date up in Europe by a week which seems to have helped in sales their.

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mrcash3110d ago

I agree, I don't remember ever seeing a commercial about this game on TV, which is sad, as much time that went into this game. MS owes remedy that much. I honestly think it would have been a lot better on ps3.

Newtype3111d ago

The fan base doesn't appreciate these type of games.

wazzim3111d ago (Edited 3111d ago )

Please, make up your mind. Is it a bad game or do you want it on PS3?

Guess Killzone sales show that the PS3 fanbase doesn't appreciate those type of games huh?

Get a 360/PS3 and start playing instead of trolling.

Disagree's? Guess some people love trolling too much.

dustgavin3111d ago

"Guess Killzone sales show that the PS3 fanbase doesn't appreciate those type of games huh?"
2.33m sold to date. Cry some more.

Venatus-Deus3111d ago


2.33 million. Not bad for an 18 certificate game.

lh_swe3111d ago

How are 2.3 mill in sales bad? How is being in 19th place bad or in any way indicative that people don't appreachiate it?

Alan Wake is a great games and one reason cannot be blamed for its sales but I do believe that its aimed at an older demographic and I do beleive the 360 fan base is a little younger (and this is NOT A BAD THING) but I do beleive it could have affected the sales it would have benefited from being released simultaneously on PC.

But everyone should stop playing sales and start playing games.

dustgavin3110d ago

Actually, I was pointing out that Killzone 2 sales are good in response to the comment Wazzim made:
"Guess Killzone sales show that the PS3 fanbase doesn't appreciate those type of games huh?"

Sales do not make a game and people like Wazzim should not bring up other titles to defend Alan Wake.

lh_swe3110d ago

I am soo sorry I meant that comment for wazzim, sorry!

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The Meerkat3111d ago

I quite liked it.
Nice story and graphics. Gamplay wasn't up there with the best but I feel the game as a whole worked because of the story.

+ it helps pass the time until Halo Reach.

e-p-ayeaH3111d ago

Remedy needs to go to PlayStation i say.

It would solve many problems or just they just can return making multiplats