Pokémon Black and White with exclusive features for Nintendo 3DS

Within the recent information provided by the Japanese Cococoro magazine it now became clear, that Pokémon Black and White will offer special features for the Nintendo 3DS and Nintendo DSi. A special Transceiver in the game will allow trainers to do Video Chats by using the built-in camera of the systems. Addiontally the Nintendo 3DS will feature a special pass by mode, that will allow users to find other trainers with a Nintendo 3DS as well, just by passing them on the streets.

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portablegaming3110d ago

If Nintendo decides to really do 3D Video Chat, who knows, maybe Pokémon Black and White will be the first game to have it?

al-burrito3110d ago

3D Video Chat? Nice one. The game is on my list!

Sorano3110d ago

Yeah. Nintendo was discussing if the Nintendo 3DS will get 3D video chat and sure Pokémon would be a great game to break the ice. Sounds good to me. But what does 3D video chat look like? Can I actually see a face of somebody in 3D? That would be weird :D

Huarle3110d ago

There is no mention of the 3DS in the magazine as you can read here

Sorano3110d ago

I just googled it and found out that it is true. The Pokemon wiki and serebii fan blog have this information listed, too.

franktheprankreturns3110d ago

Gonintendo has the story up as well.

Fefe3110d ago

Wow seems like Pokémon is gonna be a must-have! Great job so far.

ranmafandude3110d ago

it's gonna just sell millions upon millions lol.

jay23110d ago

I've not brought a pokemon game for years, but who knows with these features in my already Pre-ordered 3DS why not?

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