Best Kinect Games Still 2 Years Away

Microsoft’s ambitious new motion device – Kinect – will be out this autumn, but don’t expect to see the best games for it until 2012.
That’s according to Gamesbrief founder and analyst Nicholas Lovell and Yoostar CEO Greg Fischbach, who say that developers need time to get to grips with Microsoft’s new controller-less platform.

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GuruStarr783024d ago

thats funny, because by then, we should be getting ready for the next-gen systems.

thereapersson3024d ago

Microsoft should have waited to release this thing with the next XBOX. By then they could have perfected the technology, and what might be expensive today would be affordable two or 3 years from now.

Baka-akaB3024d ago (Edited 3024d ago )

i dont see what would be the point of waiting . If there is a chance of actual good "core" gaming , by only releasing it with the next console , it would only delay it and the crap .

Basically it means that instead of great launch kinect games , we'd be fed kinectimals 720 and co .

And that hardware perfection you speak of , most likely would mean less cost for them , and still a high price tag for avid casuals .

It's not like microsoft can't afford a failure ... w all know that if need be , a kinect 2.0 would appear on "720" .

NecrumSlavery3024d ago

@ thereapearsson

True, but MS still sells their Wifi adapters for $100, so I don't think they'd make Kinect a $50 periphrial.

MariaHelFutura3024d ago

I don`t understand why the don`t just show something (for real this time). The Move showed Sorcery, which is pretty cool but it more just showed you can make actually games with it. Kinect hasn`t shown anything and it almost ready to launch.

Narutone663024d ago

is: "Are the core gamers willing to wait that long?"

hennessey863024d ago

im pretty confident it will be compatible with thenext gen xbox ill put my car on it

TheLeprachaun3024d ago

Yeh but I'm sure Microsoft will incorporate a built in updated version of kinect into the next xbox.

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Acquiescence3024d ago

You've seen the film right?

reload443024d ago (Edited 3024d ago )

best parody i've ever seen
sorry Scary Movie

TrevorPhillips3024d ago

World is not going to end in 2012 lol

And still have a few years till the next generation systems to be released.

MariaHelFutura3024d ago (Edited 3024d ago )

Who said end? Change. Isn`t that what Barack was promoting? Remember. Change can mean the end of the current, you`ll see. Have you ever heard of the ages? Things change all the time since the beginning of time it`s just hard to remember that while living in the present. Even if we all die, the planet won`t. It`s happened before and few times actually. If you pay close attention to mass media, you`ll see what their conditioning you to.

table3024d ago

lol, i hope you're not serious...

Omega43024d ago

It really does look MS won't be releasing a new console till 10yrs are up, since Kinect will be treated like a new console for devs. As time passes they will keep finding better ways to utilize it.

When the next gen starts and the 720 has Kinect 2 built in, all xbox games will likely get exclusive Kinect features since dev will find it so easy to implement.

3024d ago
Nicaragua3024d ago (Edited 3024d ago )

Having it built into the system dosnt make it easier to implement than it being plugged in via a cable. Move isnt built into a PS3 but the big name devs (GG, Capcom, Zipper, EA etc) are finding it incredibly easy to implement into their current titles.

The reason dev's arent implementing Kinect is simply because its utter shite.

Folezicle3024d ago

The reason why the PS3 Move has more developers working with it, is that in the past three years very similar technology was used on the Wii.. Before people bite at me, I'm not making assumptions saying the Move is bad, or copying the Wii.

Whilst with Kinect developers have less experience with, and those developers who worked with the EyeToy are likely to still be signed with Sony..

This is a simplified version of what the article is saying.. Honestly how do you know stuff will succeed or fail when you haven't demoed the console. Also Sony could of approached some of the developers to make some of these games, thats a commonly done with publishers.

Actually Nacaragu I want you to find a legit article on someone hating Kinect (after playing a demo) because of its hardware (not because they didn't enjoy the game), then you have the right to say stuff. Label me a fan-boy because I'm trying to teach you kids to not judge something you haven't even had a go at and that you can't predict the future. 360 owners who do the same the same thing above with Move, grow up to.

IdleLeeSiuLung3024d ago

Fact is the people I saw at MS Store enjoyed it with a big smile and everyone else I seen on amateur videos also have a big smile when playing Kinect so I hardly believe it is "utter shite".

Seeing how you are praising PS Move, yet it is just another Wii HD made and priced by Sony tells me you like Sony much?

Fact of the matter is Wii type motion control has been done for the last 4-years. Tacking that onto a current game doesn't take long....

Nicaragua3024d ago

@Folezicle - if you want reviews of people hating on the Kinect hardware then try just about any gamingwebsite who reported noticeable lag. That right there is a limitation of the hardware.

And im not going to label you a fanboy but i will label you as a knob. My response to Omega has nothing who seems to think that building a webcam into a console will make for better implementation into software - it wont. Try being less of a patronising twat educating "us kids" and instead try and comprehend the things you are commenting on.

IdleLeeSiuLung - Im not prasing Move, Im simply stating that it is being implemented easier into more games than Kinect - am i wrong ? Nope.

Folezicle3024d ago

@Nicaragu Give me a link.. The lag I've noticed, but I've also heard that it isn't noticeable when your actually playing the game.

Also I'm not talking about the web cam response it is the last line of your message "The reason dev's arent implementing Kinect is simply because its utter shite." I ask you has the lag on Kinect given it reviews saying its "Utter shite." You have little evidence to base any of your theories.

Nicaragua3024d ago (Edited 3024d ago )

Your right, allow me to re-phrase.

In my opinion based on what i have seen of kinect i have decided to describe it as utter shite. I am basing this opinion (which is my own) on the lag which is clearly visible in every demonstration and also the utter failure of Microsoft to incorporate the device into any of their flagship titles, although i do take into account that this is based off my definition of flagship titles. This is in direct contrast to their main rival (sony) who have indeed shwon their motion control hardware working across a wide variety of genres and in what i would deem flagship titles (this however should not be taken as an endorsement of the rival product, it is merely an observation).

So to summarise i shall stand by my comment that Kinect is indeed utter shite.

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sikbeta3024d ago


The WAY you spin these things Amaze pal, it's Unbelievable, 10 years? Why? cos of an ADD-ON that TAKE resources of the console...

IdleLeeSiuLung3024d ago (Edited 3024d ago )

Because the PS2 could have a 10-year lifespan even though it was "inferior" to the original Xbox. Lifespan has little to do with raw proccessing power buddy.

It has everything to do with customer support!

Do you think PS2 would have a 10-year life cycle if people stopped buying it after 7 years?

sikbeta3024d ago (Edited 3024d ago )

You're talking about customer support, right? now, look at the title again, IF the Best kinect games are 2 years away, how you can get customer support if you don't have the games to cater the people?

This is simple when you talk about Consoles, a console NEEDS games to get customer support, More and better Games bring more customers and so on....

In this specific case we're talking about an ADD-ON which MS is trying to make it as important as the console itself, they're gambling with the casual market and think about a remote possibility of the device selling well and then they can cater other audiences or their core user-base with games suited for them

There wasn't any peripheral that helped to extend the life cycle of any console and never will cos that not their function and they are seen more like gimmicks, people will not consider add-ons as something Really important and Needed in order to play with their consoles

Motion-Control Gaming is gimmicky, but Nintendo was smart, they put every wii-mote in every box and by that making it "important" and having those family-fun games to cater every costumer since day one, that's the big difference here...

I said this from the beginning, Motion-control gaming worked for the wii cos N have those Family-fun/oriented games and known character like Mario and so on, Sony can't go completely for the casuals cos that goes against the PlayStation Brand which is a Platform for all kind of Genres, Games that Grow with Gamers and don't get stuck in the same franchises all the time, MS created a Hardcore Shooter platform, being Master-Chief to MS what Mario is to N with the addition of M-Phoenix this Gen, if MS want to go to the casual route that's a complete 180° turn and at the same time they didn't/don't build the characters and franchises suited for this new "trend"

green3024d ago (Edited 3024d ago )

IMO, Kinect on the 360 is a like xbox live on the 1st xbox. You paid $50 a year for a barebones service that had mostly crap online games but a few gems like Halo 2 but was built from the ground up to be an integral part of the 360 to deliver a great online service from the beginning with room for improvements.

I think thats how Kinect will be.Even if Kinect sells well, it will only have a few break out or must have games for the core audience but expect the next xbox console to be built around a much more advanced and improved Kinect to deliver a much better service next time around.

@ Chaostar: Well that's business.

Chaostar3024d ago

Probably right there but if it doesn't sell too well then MS will drop it and run, like feeding a T-Rex.

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