Toy Story Collector's Edition PS3 Exclusive?

If an ESRB listing is to be believed, it looks as though the Toy Story 3 Collector's Edition game may be a PlayStation 3 exclusive title.

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gaffyh3204d ago

I thought the collector's edition would have come out at the same time as the normal game? Doesn't look like it is when I did a quick google search, I wonder what's actually extra in it.

Dragun6193204d ago (Edited 3204d ago )

Maybe Toy Story 3 Collector's Edition could include Toy Story 3 the movie and the game with maybe 3D support. That would be pretty cool, also add a box case or an awesome slipcover and I'll consider it purchased. I enjoyed Toy Story 3 the movie, and the game has received general positive reception.

ESRB rated Toy Story 3: Collector Edition, not Toy Story 3 - With Bonus

Well, I dunno, but if the it is the "With Bonus" version, why is the Collector edition listed apart of the Latest games rated this past day when the game was released back in June?
Set the time frame to the past day to see for yourself.

T9X693204d ago (Edited 3204d ago )

Don't want to burst your bubble but this is what you get

Play as Zurg lol

You had some pretty high hopes :P

EDIT: NVM I lied, all you get is to play as Zurg. The movie ticket is with every version.

SilverSlug3204d ago

I have it on PS3, my brother wanted Zurg. Not really worth it.

Dude can't even pick up stuff making him useless for 80% of the missions.

sinncross3204d ago

If this is true it most likely includes the Zurg DLC (PS3 exclusive) and the PS Move mini game DLC.

So, all the PS3 extra content added.

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TrevorPhillips3204d ago

The movie was really funny!

And I gotta say I was really impressed with the game :)

theballa1130923204d ago

I find it hard to believe that its a good game lol. Games made out of movies are usually always trash.

Is it really an okay game??

SilverSlug3204d ago

Not technically, that could have been much better. Its a 'good' game, just so many better games released around it.

TrevorPhillips3204d ago

what are you talking about, it turn out to be good IGN gave it an 8.0 :)

theballa1130923204d ago

Ahhh okay. Yeah I get what you mean.

Folezicle3204d ago

What I'm interested to know is that is the Borderland GoTY Edition being an Xbox exclusive true. Since i'm wanting to get the game on PS3 since I know a mate that has been looting for days with Borderland on the PS3.

I'll trade the Toy Story 3 exclusive for the Borderland GoTY edition

-Sir-Ken-Kutaragi-3204d ago

Can't wait for it on Blu-ray to!!! ;-P

The other 2 look stunning coming out of my SEXY PS3!!! ;)

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