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T9X693115d ago

b-b-b-but its da same as da 1st one o_O

Independent_Charles3115d ago

its a blue print of the 1st one with 4 player co-op. im glad to see it at number 1 but lets be frank here theres nothing else coming out around it really.

Deathracer3115d ago (Edited 3115d ago )

Yea but we are talking UK here, and the fact is Xbox sells like shit compared to other consoles in the UK. Not to mention LEGO Harry Potter is on PS3, 360, Wii, DS, PC, and PSP, where Crackdown 2 is only for 360. There may not be a bunch of games coming up, but with Crackdown 2 getting low scores and being a 360 exclusive and selling well in UK that means something.


@Folezicle - I think he was mocking the PS3 fanboys, not being least that's my guess.

Folezicle3115d ago

Yep, once again I should of re-worded, I meant exactly what you said.

Kahvipannu3115d ago

True, there really isn't many games coming out at the same time.. But there is tons of other games to buy besides this one already.

captain-obvious3115d ago

good for them
I still want to see how it dose over all and compare it to the first one

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Folezicle3115d ago

Jesus, your getting good at being a Playstation fan-boy.. Regardless, it doesn't help saying that, because you are asking them to comment on this article, and make this discussion go completely off-topic.

Well if there was a game on Xbox that would do well it would be Crackdown 2, since there was a lot of advertisement, and I guess it goods for co-op (even though there was nothing too new.) Been playing this game for a bit for some reason mine came with some special armor that your only meant to get with the pre-order, someone must of canceled theres.. Regardless I've been playing a lot of Co-op, the story lacks a bit, but this a game for achievement hunters, and people who like to do weird stuff with physics..

Independent_Charles3115d ago

who is getting good at being a ps fanboy. i havnt got a ps3 iv got a 20gb and 60gb pro and an elite but i do not attack other consoles.
sorry in advance if you didnt mean me.

Folezicle23115d ago (Edited 3115d ago )

I'm talking about T9X69, the sad thing is that if he hadn't of said it we would see fan-boys saying it.

On a side note I don't attack consoles either, I own both as it is and love them equally.. I just think people on N4G are getting sick of Fan-boys having to change any topic to how good the PS3..

I should of replied under T9X69, I thought I had my bad, sorry for the confusion.

Independent_Charles3115d ago (Edited 3115d ago )

what the hell 2 accounts lol
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i think you just got cloned mate haha

only on

lelo2play3115d ago


Good numbers for Crackdown 2

fermcr3115d ago

Surprising not to see Demon's Souls on the top 40.

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HarryM3115d ago

I found the Demo to be mediocre but don't forget that there really aren't more games coming out for Summer...

DelbertGrady3115d ago

Well, Singularity just dropped and has gotten about the same review scores. It's not even on the list. Also, it wasn't that long ago that Red Dead Redemption came out and plenty of people probably still don't own it.

I found the demo to be very entertaining and it seems I wasn't the only one.

siyrobbo3115d ago

I loved the first game when it hit, but the second doesn't really push anything forward. Still I'm just happy to see a crackdown sequel

krisprolls3115d ago

It's still a very average game (70 on meta) but hey, it's not like 360 owners had other or better exclusives to chose from right now...

Folezicle3115d ago

It does disappoint me Crackdown 2 gets more sales than Alan Wake, I think that deserves a lot more sales.

Spenok3115d ago

I fully agree with you. I will buy Crackdown 2 eventually. But not before Alan Wake. Its just sad that people seem to care more for mindless instant gratification with there games instead of well thought out story's with better graphics, art direction, character development, and gameplay. (though that ones all opinion) Maybe ill have to jump on that sale K-mart is having for Alan Wake for $35. Hmmm, Singularity or Alan Wake.... ><

table3115d ago

who says it's getting more sales than alan wake? A lot of games top the charts on release week then fall away.

edhe3115d ago

It's "more fun than good" :)

rlm423115d ago

Stop trolling you pathetic fanboy. Since when is 70/100 a very average game? A game doesn't have to get 90+ to be good.. 50 is average, 70 is good but obviously has flaws and anything higher is excellent.

8thnightvolley3115d ago

gonnabee playing this today

floetry1013115d ago

considering no one bought Alan Wake.

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