Playstation Move, or Xbox 360 Kinect?

Associatedcontent: A Battle Ensues that Has the Potential to Shake the Very Ground We Gamers Walk On.

Pound for pound Sony and Microsoft take up arms in a battle to the death, who will win this agonizing war. will it be Sony, or will it be Microsoft? It's obvious neither of these companies are pulling punches, with the Playstation Move, and the Kinect going head to head. Only time will tell, will Microsoft fail? Will the PS3 be the last console standing?

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-Mezzo-3206d ago

In Before The *!hit Storm*. lol

Folezicle3206d ago

Wow you did it! Plus a bubble for the effort

PaPa-Slam3205d ago

Shit Storm Never Started. lol

wazzim3206d ago

If you are a "hardcore" gamer -> Move
If you are a "casual" gamer -> Kinect

jneul3206d ago

hd-dvd died a long time ago, bringing it back would end in disaster....

jneul3206d ago

Move FTW!! Sorcery, Socom 4, Killzone 3, Ape Escape, Heavy Rain, Resident Evil, Time Crisis, Ruse are all great reasons to buy the move.

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