What serious girl gamers look for in a video game

Helium: Girl gamers are a very prevalent but much overlooked market when it comes to computer games. Contrary to popular belief, we play more than just The Sims. Using both established research and my own opinion as a girl gamer, I have compiled a list of the things that will (and won't) attract women to play a game.

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stonecold13021d ago

chicks like playiong singstar

Conloles3021d ago

They look for heaps of E-nerds who they can extort for money using Gamecrush

Bobbykotickrulesz3021d ago

"What serious girl gamers..."

Nobody cares.

Kornholic3021d ago

I think in this day and age there's no need seperating girl gamers and boy gamers. We're all just gamers. I think all gamers want a good experience, doesn't matter if you have something hanging between your legs or not.

Archdemon3021d ago (Edited 3021d ago )

Kinect exclusive: C*ck Teese Hero

Story: Your at the E3 conventioncenter and your surrounded by geeks.

Gameplay: Wear skimpy outfits and make the geeks want more, but be careful not to give them anything or you will loose.

amrasmord3021d ago

When I kill too many innocent civilians in GTA4, my itty-bitty female brain starts to hurt and after cooking in the kitchen all day I'm am WAY too tired to raid or play MW2. Good thing I have a Wii and can play Cooking Mama to relax... -_-'

3021d ago
-Mezzo-3021d ago

I seriously don't get the idea behind the Stereotyping in Video games. Male gamers don't give the girls gamers room to breath easy, while on the other hands Game Shows such as GTTV (Which Sucks Donkey Balls) are smashing hit, just because of the presence of "So Called" Girl Gamers, who by the way don't know squat about Games.

amrasmord3021d ago

Actually, Morgan Webb is a real hardcore gamer. Olivia Munn on the other hand...

-Mezzo-3021d ago

That might be true, but i still have hard time believing it.

moparful993021d ago

I know girls that love to play games like grand theft auto and modern warfare, the author of this title is in a sense stereotyping her own gender by generalizing the types of games "they" like.. Girl gamers are like any gamer, they play and love the games that appeal to their own sense of being not what everyone else says they should like.. Period. I pray I can meet and marry a girl gamer.. lol

Lich1203021d ago

I always wonder about this. From one side its interesting to consider a possibly untapped market, on the other, at what point are we just making vague stereotypical assumptions?

AusWarrior3021d ago

I told my sister that she only likes the sims because she likes to control people's lives, then she got angry lol.Yeah my sister only plays singstar, ratchet and clank, buzz and the sims lol.

sbizarre3021d ago (Edited 3021d ago )

Well i love customisation.. i like games where you can chose a girl character and can decide what she looks like (fallout 3, oblivion, demons souls..etc).. i love collecting new weapons, armour and kicking guys a$$. XD I love my first person shooters.. like mw2 and bfbc2 for its multi player. I don't mind games that take skill.. and rather something a little challenging. Sadly i did play allot of the sims when it first came out.. but would much rather play a game which glues you to the controller... if it be by a great story and graphics (uncharted 2), The tense frustration/gratification (demons souls) and fast paced kill thrill of a shooter.
2 Sum up.. girls mostly like what guys like in a game.. i don't even mind the brutality of God of war 3. Just give us the option of a female customisable character in a great game and we will be happy. :)

Bobbykotickrulesz3021d ago

That's real neat and everything...

But seriously, a man is hungry. Feed me.

HDgamer3021d ago

I believe you're a man who's still living with mom and she's too busy with a younger man who's giving her the best every night. Or so you told me.

Spenok3021d ago

I agree with you, full character customization is good. How do you mention Demon souls though? I dont think its possible to make a good looking character be it male or female in that game lol. Its just not humanly possible. As Kornholic said, why do we need to clasify ourselves as guy or girl gamers? Theres enough of both of us out there now that it shouldnt matter anymore.

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