Do young children understand the meaning of moderation with video games

Helium: It is not that children do not understand moderation with video games, it is that they do not understand moderation at all. If a child were allowed to eat only what they wanted to for a month, how many would live on chips, candy and cookies? With that experiment, the child would soon learn that eating only junk food would make them sick.

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Folezicle3111d ago

The article is right, it's really the parents responsibility to tell the kid to get off the video games.. If your kid is playing games at a young age for hours it's really lacking a role model, they need to learn at an early age to balance their life between work, exercise and fun.. I see this through my sister's son, he is always on the Xbox, never outside and simply wont do his duties (ie. tidying his room.)

On another note being as a parent you have to be a positive role model towards the kid.. You can't tell the kid to get off the TV and then watch hours of movies, after you not finishing your duties.

Raypture3111d ago

No, they are kids and kids don't understand moderation as they are not mature. Parents aren't any better and many of them are just as bad, parents today suck, not talking about the people who have grown kids but are just having kids now, they kick and scream because they're never punished for anything at all. One of the biggest problem is the disney channel, it's horrible, teaches bad ethics and has bad plot overall, my children will not watch anything to do with disney nowadays. Maybe the old stuff but the new crap is crap that pushes that they "need" to meet the status quo down their throats and is causing a ton of suicides and depression through it.

Disagree if you want, but you know it's true, people commit suicide because they aren't happy, society pushes people to meet a status quo especially the media like disney, when they try so hard but fail it makes them depressed and they eventually kill themselves.

Folezicle3111d ago

Can't of said any of that better.. If i could give you a million bubbles I would.