Interview with's Christina and Ashlee

GGG writes: is one of the gaming community’s best kept secrets. You won't see it appear on the news aggregator site, and it rarely gets mentioned on video game forums either. And yet, despite its relative anonymity,'s 'daily dose' of girls, gadgets and gaming receives in excess of 200,000 visitors every week.

If you're wondering what makes so popular — and why it hasn't received more mainstream recognition — the answer can be summed up in one word: boobs.

Last week, we caught up with two of’s most popular presenters: Ashlee and Christina (AKA the blonde one and the one with the accent). Do they really play video games? What did they get up to at E3? And are they creeped out by all those fawning YouTube comments?

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qface643202d ago

wooooah now there's a sight for the eyes
this picture alone is gonna make me click on the article

nickjkl3202d ago

can some one tell me what this article is about i cant tell over the women with bras on

qface643202d ago

i dunno i browsed through it twice and to be honest i actually didn't read a word

news4noobs3202d ago

dunno either, didnt even switch on the sound when watching the vid. but I'm gonna get this game 100%. what was it called?

Christopher3202d ago

Oh, yay, just what the gaming community needs. More reasons to dilute gaming news with half-naked women news articles.

Pandamobile3202d ago

" is one of the gaming community’s best kept secrets. You won't see it appear on the news aggregator site"

Is this ironic, or did the news poster submit this for that line alone?

RedDragan3202d ago

Ths aricle is not from

It's an article about

That statement is correct, for now. I have a feeling that show is gonna be on here alot more now lol

Snakefist303202d ago ShowReplies(1)
Tony-A3202d ago (Edited 3202d ago )

Oh, hell yes.

No... wait, what am I doing? Why would I approve an interview that doesn't do much but interview girls who talk about games?

...... I clicked it. And watched the video. And stared. What can I say? Boys will be boys.

Convas3202d ago

We agree on so much, and then so little. LMAO.

Quagmire3202d ago

Approved by Q, tits and all.


Acquiescence3202d ago

But she woke up halfway thruuuuuu.

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The story is too old to be commented.