Daigo Umehara Wins Evo 2010

Original Gamer: "After a long 3 days, Daigo Umehara has won Evo 2010. Evo 2010 was filled with surprises with the biggest being Justin Wong not even making to the final 8. A truly international affair, the final 8 has players from Taiwan, Korea, Japan, and of course, the U.S. Without even losing once, Daigo Umehara lived up to his nickname of "The Beast" and defeated all those that stood before him."

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GamingBuddha093073d ago

man EVO was great this year the even with the Beast sick he still won it all man great match

Method3073d ago

Everyone is just happy that Justin Wong didn't make it into the top 8.

ClownBelt3073d ago

Yeah. I watched the whole thing, and he was just too good.

I was rooting for Gamerbee since he's the only guy who uses the new character.

harlem_v13073d ago

A great event, but I wish Mike Ross won.

RetroIntro3073d ago

Quoted from NG by mannerbot

"Infiltration just put the RROD on Mike Ross' career"

Marceles3073d ago

The stream cut off on the final game :(

harlem_v13073d ago

Yes the stream got "beasted" by Daigo.

Marceles3073d ago

lol the stream said "you dont need to watch, you know who won already"

RockmanII73073d ago

That's so true. I said to myself "I watch enough sports to know that Daigo is gonna win" then the feed cut. Gamerbee should of won.

GamingBuddha093073d ago

yea tha last match was too epic for the internet there were a lot of surprise fighters to come out of this years EVO hears to next year and EVO Japan

Koromaro3073d ago

Mike Ross , Gammerbee and Ricky put up good fights

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The story is too old to be commented.