Gears of War Action Figures on the way

NECA have announced that it has entered into an agreement with Epic Games to make a full line of collectible action figures, busts, statues, dioramas and prop replicas from GOW and any potential sequels. They plan to have a full line of products available in 2008, including many of the most popular characters from the game.

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Havince4148d ago

neca make the resi 4 figures and they are ace

gerars of war ones will be cool

ill get ramm first

DirtyRat4148d ago

I think I'd rather just play the game, than have these get dusty on a shelf somewhere, but for those who like this kind of thing I'm sure NECA will do a cracking job.

SuperSaiyan44148d ago

That these will ONLY be available in the USA...Just like the Bungie stuff, sure you can find some HALO figures but they are extremely hard to come by and are pretty much imports and or from what I found recently really crappy versions.

Oh well looks like another trip to ebay and fill the pockets of the Americans with more cash looks like where ever us UK folk look we get shafted from all sides *sigh*

Charlie26884147d ago

Well NECA is a gamble they can do some VERY cool figures or some really ugly looking ones too

well I hope they do a good job :D