SFX-360: Ninety-Nine Nights II Review

SFX-360 writes: "Who would've thought we would see a sequel to Ninety-Nine Nights. A couple of years ago, gamers were impressed with the original game's demo which had everyone excited about playing. Then the original Ninety-Nine Nights was released which had everyone wondering what happened. The game felt nothing like the awesome demo."

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BlackBusterCritic3022d ago

Definitely the Xbox360's edition of God of War 3.

Folezicle3022d ago

This is a game hat I don't mind Sony fan-boys rushing in speaking about how crap this game was.. It was horrible, it looked fun but once you played with it, it just became very repetitive.. Honestly if this gets a 7/10, crackdown 2 should get 15/10..

Folezicle3022d ago

Also nothing like God of War, it just seems to be hordes of enemies coming at once