SmackDown vs. Raw '07 Update

IGN learned that the PlayStation 2 version is a port of the Xbox 360 game, not the other way around. As a result, the PS2 iteration is running a little behind in terms of its completion percentage, but will be caught up entirely by the time the game ships in November.

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TheMART5398d ago

360 is just damn easy to get games programmed on for sure. Expect ports in the future also coming from 360 to other formats.

So I guess best quality will be on 360 when comparing in most cases of multi platform games


that seems to be the case- EA is having problems getting the Carbon game it made for 360 and PC to run on PS3 as well...

bizzy125398d ago

thats proving that the 360 is a better console and it is easy to make for go microsoft you are for the people and sony is for the money

Bishop5398d ago

PS3 and Microsoft are both about the money while Nintendo is more about the fans but they expect that all of there fans are young. Porting a game from the PS3 to the 360 would be just as difficult as the 360 to the PS3 so this doesn't prove anything to me.

Bishop5398d ago

Will the 360 version have all of the same features as the PS2 version? Such as manager mode create a wrestler etc. If it does then I will go ahead and purchase for the 360 instead of the PS2.

shotty5398d ago

It says in the article that the ps2 version is a port of the xbox 360 version. So same match types. However the xbox 360 version allows crowd interactions all the time while the ps2 version only has it in crowd match games.

Bishop5396d ago

I thought that was what the article said I was just wary because of the lack of features that some sports games have had on the 360. So thanks again.