Nintendo Now Interviews Bill Sullivan Of High Voltage Software

During a tour of Sega's booth at E3, several writers from Nintendo Now spoke with Conduit 2's lead designer, Bill Sullivan.

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TheViper3205d ago

One of the best interviews I've been in on. I don't usually laugh that much.

lil boy blue3205d ago (Edited 3205d ago )

They git just about everything you need to hype this up. 12 player online vs.4 co-op,head sets,improving on the last game, better online components and patches.

TheViper3205d ago

There is even word that they are testing out vehicles.

They were heavily ambitious with the first title and they seem even more ambitious with this one and it looks like it will delivery on it much more than the first one did.

Crazybone1263205d ago

sounds like a good game, and i enjoyed the bouts of humor

rumplstilts3205d ago

this is the best interview I have seen yet for this game.

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