Official Xbox 360 16GB Flash Drive Gets a Price Drop

It is a fact that licensed Microsoft accessories for the Xbox 360 are unreasonably expensive. One of these products though, the 16GB flash drive, just received a price drop.

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T9X693025d ago (Edited 3025d ago )


It only does everything!

EDIT: Well I tried DWeezy91, but in less than a minute I was already shot down.

ShadyDevil3025d ago ShowReplies(6)
Joule3025d ago

Wow thats an awesome deal, 60 bucks for 16 gbs!


HolyOrangeCows3025d ago (Edited 3025d ago )

An unreasonably priced accessory gets a slightly less unreasonable price.

At least it's SOMEWHAT better than those ridiculous memory cards.

Tony-A3025d ago (Edited 3025d ago )

Sorry to hear that, dude. I'll give you an agree, even though this is a price drop and not an Xbox feature (I never said everyone else would agree with you).

Try it on an article talking about features on the 360 next time.

On Topic - It's just a $10 drop to the price of a game, which is a lot, but maybe it'll go down in the holiday season. You can't use any old USB Drive anymore, can you?

PITTBULL833024d ago

This kinda sucks considering i just bought a kingston 16GB for that price.

lace3025d ago

Xbox, it only does everything*

*Some restrictions to online service, and three red rings of death may apply.

kasasensei3025d ago

Really good comment.

On topic, well, Microsoft changes prices of stuff when they fail to force users to adopt it. These last months, the gold subscription is officially on sale. I wonder what that mean? No so much gold users after all?

I am so sad, microsoft does not change their point of view about the online and proprietary overpriced devices... I have a 360 since 2007, dozens of games i want to try online but i refuse to pay a tax to use my internet connection twice. But obviously, they are weak people that can not prevent themselves to follow their "friends" and buy expensive stuff from Microsoft, including online tax, and be proud of it.
I played 4 months free on the live (with coupons), and for me, there was no reason to pay for that since 2007, and there is even less, now, in 2010.

Godmars2903025d ago (Edited 3025d ago )

It only charges for everything...

(yeah, know its a bad thing to say - but come on! $60 for a freaking flash drive? )

rdgneoz33025d ago

You can spend 60 for a 250 GB external hard drive...

skip2mylou3025d ago

@rdgneoz3 hell you can pay 90$ for a western digital 2TB external hd

Garnett3025d ago

Well it does partys, something that PS3 still doesnt do, so i guess that counts for something?

moparful993025d ago

But is it worth all of that money you have to spend on memory and the ability to play online? Your call..

Monk3y3024d ago

its cool, im atm playing my FREE Littlebigplanet and my FREE Wipeout HD

PSfan093025d ago

first of all T9X69, that joke is soo funny im on the floor crying, no really. Second, i love the idea of saving games onto a usb drive

ps- xbox 360 it only does midcore stuff

MorganX3025d ago

Actually if they make a $149 360S add a cheap 16GB USB Drive and you have a pretty good deal. Especially if you're primarily a causal gamer (XBLA).

Folezicle3025d ago (Edited 3025d ago )

If you haven't noticed all the old consoles for 360 have gone down around $50, going for a bargain, and these are the ones that don't red ring.. This is a waste of money, in my opinion there must be some sort of special feature for the USB

3025d ago
Spawn-KING3025d ago

No it doesent.
Can it play BLU Ray . I don't this so . And the PS3 can use any sized and brand Flash Drive since day one .

r1sh123025d ago (Edited 3025d ago )

just buy a generic 16Gb usb stick.
@spawn king, how often do you change the PS3 hard drive?
Thats a terrible argument, it can use any hard drive etc.
The only issue with that, how would you ever fill up a ps3 hard drive since their isnt any hard drive installs?
@independent_charles, you say the ps3 hasnt been hacked and games havent been modded. Well 1 guy has done it on modern warfare 2 check the link:
Video doesnt lie, before you tell me that its been edited.

garos823024d ago

oh really?
wow some people are so deluded

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ShadyDevil3025d ago

I don't know. Is kinda cool that all of the Xbox's save utilities are removable.

thehitman3025d ago

Since n64 nothing cool about it.

Newtype3025d ago

You have to buy a proprietary flash drive as well? That's lame as hell.

kissmeimgreek3025d ago

any flash drive (or External HDD for that matter) works. MS and SanDisk are just trying to rip people off. It takes less than a minute for the xbox to configure a flash drive (at least it did for my 2 gig one)

MightyMark4273025d ago

yep, I suggest to just buy a low brand flash drive.It works

kissmeimgreek3025d ago

yah they had a bunch of 2 gb flash drives at the checkout at a target for like 2 bucks so i bought like 5 haha.

Pandamobile3025d ago

$60 for a 16 GB flash drive?! Hahaha

Scary693024d ago

That's what I'm saying $60 whoopi doo I can get a game for that price. heh