EVO 2010 Surprise Reveals?

TGH Writes:
"While I was watching Evo 2010's live stream over at I was not surprised to see Yoshinori Ono show up, the producer of Street Fighter IV. However what he had to say had very little to do with Street Fighter IV."

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MightyMark4273022d ago

Meh, not that interested in this game.

topdawg1223022d ago

Most likely will be Darkstalkers. I would be surprised if it isn't, as he as been extremely desperate to make another game.

BTW, Evo 2010 has been amazing! SSFIV final coming up and Justin Wong has already been knocked out! Get Hype!

RockmanII73022d ago

I actually think that Capcom will announce Street Fighter 5. And yes, Evo has been awesome.

ShadyDevil3022d ago

I might have to agree from what he has said thus far. It seems he is hinting at it. Or another fighting game.

ArcadeStick3022d ago

Nothing. Just there to hype his announcement for next week at ComicCon.

ShadyDevil3022d ago

He officially announced Dark Void 2.

Alos883022d ago

Wait, DARK VOID 2?
Color me surprised, I never expected that one! A decent game with great music that would have worked best as an open world game imo.

Independent_Charles3022d ago (Edited 3022d ago )

dark void was good for about 17 seconds. as soon as you get over how the blokes legs moved when flying the jet pack, the UE standerd graphics set in for an instant fail

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