EO’s Summer Beach Party!

Summer is here! So it's time for all of us to slather on some sunscreen and head out into Eudemons Online for the hot, new Summer Events!
Starting on July 16th, there will be 4 unique events during the months of July and August that you're sure to make you feel the heat!
These great Summer Events will consist of four quests, everyday: Picking Berries (10:00-11:00), Crazy Turkey (14:00-15:00), Secret Park (18:00-19:00) and Treasure Quest (22:00-23:00). You can do these 4 quests each day, and you will earn Flower Cards that can be traded in for great new things like Eudemons, Items, Garments, and more!
And not only these, but TQ Team has also held the 2nd exciting edition of the Flying Mount Tournament!
And to help with those high electric bills, there will be a new Shopping Rush happening during this time, with some fabulous deals that are sure to help you stay cool! For more details on this sale, just keep your eyes on the official Eudemons Online site!

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