Pay to Play or Free to Play Games Which Do You Prefer?

While pay to play games are on the rise and companies like EA generate monthly revenue through these pay to play games. There is another side of this coin there are free to play games which are also available to the end user, so which do you prefer? Which business model do you think is better?

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evrfighter3204d ago

pay to play games are usually the premium game.

cashshop games are usually very linear and very weak.

ClownBelt3204d ago (Edited 3204d ago )

What? Lol

Ragnarok online premium and Ragnarok private server are completely different?

seij5553204d ago

RO back in the day was the greatest MMORPG I ever played. The game had an amazing community and such variety in builds and job classes. The quests were very secretive and difficult but the pay off was amazing. I prefer P2P games because they are always higher quality and cash shops just break MMOs.

LiquifiedArt3204d ago

Pay for the game, then never again.

Its the only MMO i'll play, because if I don't play for a few weeks, I don't feel like i'm losing money out of pocket for no reason.

starvinbull3204d ago

True and the things you can spend money on in the game are quality things (expansions, new classes) not just short cuts.

Games that force you to pay for quests within the core of the game or to advance beyond a certan skill level tend to be built around grinding and or spamming your mates to grind.

Games ought not be devoid of gameplay like mafia wars and farmville they ought to reward gameplay and grinding should be dsiguised as much as possible.

What constitutes a game now days has been spread so thinly that mere elements of past games constitute the bulk of modern games.

DeadlyFire3204d ago

Guild Wars game model is the best one ever created. Pay for game then never for the DLC, but you must buy the expansions. Still is better deal like that. $15 dollars a month vs. $20-50 per year? Which would you go for? The expansions don't seem small either.

Only other Free to play game I would consider is Planet Calypso. Its completely free, but you can actually make real money out of playing it for awhile.

Reibooi3204d ago

I can't speak for every single game out there in the case of free to play and pay to play.

However what I can tell you is that Free to play games tend to be less open and have overall less content and don't seem nearly as polished as Pay to play games.

If someone could break that trend then it would be great. That's not to say I have never liked a Free to play game. I loved Shin Megami Tenshi Online but like I said it wasen't polished and had very little content compared to everything else that is Pay to Play. You could finish nearly everything single thing in SMT online in about 2-3 weeks if you knew how to do it all.

You cannot say the same for a game like Final Fantasy XI or WoW.

Quagmire3204d ago

why is this even a question?

sikbeta3204d ago

Is that a Question?


romalias23204d ago

Because some people like free to play better of course ;) and others can't even afford pay to play

ironfist923204d ago

yea well not everyone lives in mansions with their big cars and eating mcdonalds every 2 days

Darkfiber3204d ago

Yeah cause you need to live in a mansion in order to scrounge up $15 a month...

EYEamNUMBER13204d ago

you do as americans we need those precious 15 dollars
that's 2-3 trips to mc donalds mmm

Motion3204d ago

Why would people in mansions with nice cars eat at McD's?

m-s-8-23204d ago

How did you guys not pick up the sarcasm there?

DeadlyFire3204d ago

$15 bucks a month vs. 0 dollars a month. Its why many MMOs that launch fail. Cuz many see $15 bucks a month a waste if they are getting same MMO platform experience in other games why bother with a new one. MMO space is getting crowded. Its why many new ones are testing free to play options. That is just to keep them afloat. Unless their game is a big AAA game its not gonna fly very far across the lake.

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Baka-akaB3204d ago (Edited 3204d ago )

if you can't afford that , you most likely can't even afford the material allowing you to play for free ... to begin with .

I say it has more to do with cheapskate content with mediocre games . espeically when many of them have no qualm buying expensive dlcs for say ... cod .

It's cheaper than renting games or video , cheaper than buying music online , and cheaper than going to theatre or concerts for a better time/fun value

adamx3204d ago

If you are going to give the choice.... I think anyone with a brain would pick free.

Motion3204d ago

Gameplay, production quality, graphics, content and more, are usually much better in a P2P MMO than in a F2P. Its not ALWAYS the case, but it is the norm.

Perjoss3204d ago

yes because free games are always the best looking and have the best soundtracks and gameplay.

moe843204d ago

Depends on what you get. From what I've seen pay to play gives a better experience overall. Stronger, more robust community with better story and content. Pay to play games also tend to have a better developmental staff behind the scenes making sure(trying to at least) their product is top notch.

Free to play at least in my experience, has weaker content lacking community and options. The story is usually recycled from a previously failed attempt at a pay to play.

Personally, if the visuals are there. Backed with great content, followed up with a few "revolutionary" ideas... pay to play is the way to go.

Gaming is a hobby. Just like any other hobby you have to invest time, and more importantly money.

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