New Study Justifies My Existence: Reviews Work

Well thank God…I now know that this Games Journalism hobby of mine is going to pay off. A recent study by the EEDAR/SMU (Electronic Entertainment Design and Media and Southern Methodist University) has found a causal link between the written game review and the readers perception of the game. Well “La Dee Freeking Da” Want to see what I mean? Clicky the article.


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DA_SHREDDER3023d ago

Reviews work, but is it for the better goood? I'm afraid not. If anything you media are killing gaming as we know it.

dizzleK3023d ago (Edited 3023d ago )

amen. every effing 9.5 for a generic ass fps is another nail in the coffin. every review that fails to address the myriad of bugs and glitches is another nail. every review that fails to address broken online play is another nail. the fact that every heavily hyped game is guaranteed a 9+ and only the "B" games get honest reviews is a nail in the coffin.i simply find it hard to believe that seemingly EVERY reviewer LOVED RDR, mw2, etc. it's statistically impossible.

the real killers though are the absolutely sheep who cling to review scores like they're gospel, they're like robots. "it got a 7, i must not ever play it. i have no opinions of my own derp derp."