Crackdown 2: I expected better from an Xbox 360 exclusive

GrathiusXR/OXCGN: This was the general consensus from the crowd that attended the IGN Black Beta the other night for Crackdown 2. Whether they were fans of the original, PS3 fanatics or casual gamers everyone in the crowd came to the same conclusion that Crackdown 2 is a sequel that for them doesn’t do anything.

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T9X693023d ago (Edited 3023d ago )

Here we go again.

@SupaGamer - Not really, if you never played the first Crackdown you wont be disappointed at all, that is if Crackdown looks like your type of game.

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UnSelf3023d ago

i really wish ppl would leave this game alone, christ

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Inside_out3023d ago (Edited 3023d ago )

I can't comment on the game like all the PS3 fanboys who seemed to have played it, as I've only had a chance to play the demo. I was a little disappointed with the demo. I didn't see all these problems that this guy in the article complains about for 5-6 paragraphs but the demo is " ONLY " 30mins The graphics while more detailed in some areas seems to have been downgraded in other areas, in particular in the explosions and physics. Still, I'll wait to play it hopefully in the next couple of weeks to judge for myself. I know the game will feature multi-player this time around. There is also another review that gave the game 9/10...must of not been invited to this so called beta.

In regards to the article, they spent the whole article crying that someone said this and someone said that...Really. The " sounds " like some thing the PS3 guys would say.

Go back and read the first sentence in each paragraph. That is what you call hate mongering. Change the title Crackdown to any other game title in the piece and you get the picture. The game may turn out to be average but this clown wouldn't know it unless " someone " told

Immortal3213023d ago

what type of ps3 fanbot would play this crap.

I bet you didn't even play this game or even thinking about getting it.

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McMee3023d ago

the franchise still has potential its just that people generally dont like paying for potential

dragonelite3023d ago

Did not expect much with a one and a half year dev cycle from a newly based dev team.

avengers19783023d ago

Im sorry I played the first crackdown, but the second one never looked good at all. And the more they showed of it the worse it seemed to get. I don't believe anyone is looking at this game as a serious buy. Let's not forget the first one came with Halo 3 beta and that is why it sold so well.

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SupaGamer3023d ago

I think any reasonable xbox owner will admit this game is a disappointment. I own an xbox but didn't get this game because I have friends who bought it and are disappointed.

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jack who3023d ago

no one cares play it or yoou dont same things were said when the first 1 came out

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Tony-A3023d ago (Edited 3023d ago )

Not really. The first one was actually a present surprise. People only bought it for the Halo 3 beta, but it turned out to be a good game.

This one disappointed me a lot more than I thought. They never fixed the climbing, which was my number one complaint from the first. They could've changed it up but instead destroyed the city from the first and added zombies. If they made the climbing more Assassin's Creed or inFamous-like, the destroyed city would be fine to climb around, but it's not.

The game is flawed in design and story. It makes me anxious for the third and I hope they don't get rushed this time.

........ you know..... you don't HAVE to defend every game on a certain platform because an article says something negative. I could care less about what this guy thinks, but the game is flawed, moreso than the first (except for in driving and story, kinda). I wish it got more attention, because I literally had to find, download and play the demo in front of my friend for him to notice and he didn't even seem that interested. I hate when games like this get overshadowed while anything with Call of Duty or Grand Theft Auto gets the spotlight (even though they are good games). You gotta spread the love around.

Tachyon_Nova3023d ago

It's amazing how many people don't understand that when they want to convey how little they care about something, they should say "couldn't care less", not "could care less".

Tony-A3023d ago

You mean to tell me that you read my whole post and the only thing you got out of it was my slight error?

Get off my back, yo! I was writing fast. I normally don't do that.

I could care less about what you think, anyway. Ha! Yes, that was on purpose.

avengers19783023d ago

Im not sure what's over shadowing it right now it's like the only new game to come out for awhile. Unless everyone is saving up there money for the incredible holiday season, and early 2011 gamers will be getting.

Cajun Chicken3023d ago

Have to judge myself; rental soon.

SOAD3023d ago (Edited 3023d ago )

I watched a walkthrough vid of the game. The graphics look clean, but unimpressive most of the time. However, I do like the style a bit. The mission I saw involved preventing "freaks" from getting to some kind of generator or bomb.

The combat and gunplay was controlled and I thought it was boring. The explosions look really bad to me. After playing GTA IV and seeing the explosions from that game, I am disappointed that a game 2 years later looks worse.

I'm sure the game is very fun with friends, and that is the strong point of Crackdown 2 and most other 360 multiplayer games.

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