The Best/Worst Final Fantasy Summons Ever

Wildgunmen writes:
"We all have a soft spot for the summons in the Final Fantasy games. Were you a Bahamut fan? Ifrit? Shiva? Alexander? Tonberry? Cactuar? Or were you really cool and chose Doomtrain every chance you could? Here’s a few of our favourites."

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ClownBelt3023d ago (Edited 3023d ago )

Best: Anima FFX
Worst: Every summon in FF 12

Edit. Oh mader peker, I forgot Yojimbo being the best.

Lucreto3023d ago

FF XII summons were terrible. They had little use in battle and did very little damage.

GrieverSoul3022d ago

Anything FFXII did was terrible! I actually sided with the villain because his methods and way of doing things seemed more logical than the actual main characters resolutions. Whenever I entered an area I would pray that it would not give another useless summon but a weapon instead!

But this Eden bashing has to stop! Its a freaking Garden people!! Anyone actually played FFVIII?! Remember the Gardens where the SeeDs were trained?! Gardens, SeeDs, a bell ringing anyone?!?! Who built those Gardens?! Yep! Some big fat snot like creature! Eden is a Garden as in Garden of Eden.

Brewski0073023d ago

worst : Choco/Mog FFVii
Best : Knights of the Round FFVii

Biggest3022d ago

YEAH RIGHT!!!! Choco/Mog was the first summon you got in that game. AND it was the only wind based summon in the game. All of the summons in FFVII had their purpose and worked well. Games like FFXII had the worst by far. Hell, I don't even have all of the summons allocated to this day. Belias was the only one you needed, and that was just for story progression.

aaronisbla3022d ago

it wasnt the only wind summmoned monster on the game...

Biggest3022d ago

Typhoon was Wind/Water. So against mobs that had weakness to wind but strength to water were uneffected. Choco/Mog was the only 100% wind based summon.

NecrumSlavery3022d ago (Edited 3022d ago )

Favorites: Ifrit from VIII & Knights of the Round
Least: qweezl thing from 8

Sepheroth had a great summon in VII, too bad it wasn't available to the player.
Kingdom Hearts had some of my favorite summons....

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MariaHelFutura3023d ago

They need to summon me up some FF13Versus.

Elwenil3022d ago

I can't remember the name of the one I liked from FF8. If I remember right it started out with a pentagram and a bunch of chains and fire and some Death looking guy. I might be mixing up more than one, but that's all I can remember. Anyone have any idea what I'm getting at?

KingKiff3022d ago

He was from FF10 on the PS2, the one where he has like a top and bottom side and was sorta like a mummy in chains?

ChozenWoan3022d ago (Edited 3022d ago )

Only did it once and was like... nah, I just got my grind on and lvled up.

to Elwenil:
Enima I think is the name of that summon... I loved the damage that baby put out.

coolfool3022d ago

I think an enima is something VERY different.

Spenok3021d ago

I have to say Yojimbo from FFX was my favorite. I bought the action figure of him, so rare and awesome. Now if i could only get my hands on that Coldcast FFXI Elvaan/chocobo statue. I just dont want to spend $800 on it >< But its SOOOOOOOO beautiful...ive concidered it many times lol.

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3023d ago
Lucreto3023d ago (Edited 3023d ago )

Best- Ifrit/ Yojimbo FF X
Worst- Ark FF IX
Makes me laugh every time- Cactuar FF VIII

UP3022d ago

ark is amazing if all your characters have regen on. especially if your characters have auto-regen.

Solidus187-SCMilk3023d ago

the regular bahamut from ff7.

KingKiff3022d ago

Bahamut from FF8 was my fav

Miraak82 3023d ago (Edited 3023d ago )

I thought FFVIII had the best summons in the series... Diablo, Cerberus, doomtrain, toneberry king, jumbo cactus and it had the best incorporation of summons into the battle system.

[email protected] Just for the record , I think Odin is the best summon in the entire series... just badass

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